Are MSI Laptops Good ?

Having a laptop is a necessity in today’s day. With so many brands that are releasing their laptops now, it is pretty difficult to choose which brand is the right one. One brand has been climbing up the ranks in a pretty short amount of time and that brand is MSI. But is MSI a brand good enough for laptops and should you opt to buy it?

This is what today’s guide is going to focus on. MSI Laptops have been in the market for some time now and users that want to move to a different gaming experience have gotten themselves MSI. Being a pure gaming machine, MSI offers a healthy challenge to Alienware and TUF laptops which are sister companies of Dell and ASUS respectively.

With such a brilliant range being offered by MSI at such a competitive price tag, we are going to help you decide today whether or not MSI laptops are good. We shall be discussing several important pieces of their hardware so make sure to stick till the end to know whether the laptop of this company is worth buying or not.

Why MSI Laptops?

MSI always keeps the game different as it is always experimenting with its products. The reason MSI laptops are so innovative and easy to use is because this company makes use of the latest technologies making them great for any user. But the latest technology which they use in their laptop isn’t what makes them stand out. Since gaming is the main area of concern then we shall be getting into that.

MSI’s specialty is high-end gaming laptops and as discussed earlier, it has given a decent competition to Alienware and TUF so far. The gaming performance of MSI laptops is absolutely outstanding because it combines incredible graphics with robust processing power and that is just the hardware of these machines. We haven’t even reached the part yet.

The aesthetics include the backlit keyboard, sleek design of the laptop and so much more. It’s an experience like no other when you’re playing on MSI laptops because their performance is just better than anything out there.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

You don’t need to have immense technical knowledge to know that the CPU of the laptop is the major part of the machine which is responsible for running the major components and functions of the laptop. For any laptop, its performance is reflective of how good its CPU is and in MSI’s case, it has four different processors.

These are the Intel Core i5, i7, i9, and i11 respectively. These processors are incredibly fast and powerful and they don’t start slowing down until you are a few good years into using the machine. And another thing we’d recommend is that if you do not want your device to slow down while you’re playing your game then you will need to go for a higher processor.

The higher the processor, the more fluid your gaming performance is going to be. Since we need to keep the budgetary factor in mind, most budget laptops use the i3 processor but everybody knows this processor isn’t enough to run high-end games. This is why almost all of MSI’s latest models make use of Core i5 or higher. So now you know that MSI doesn’t make compromises on performances at any cost.

If the Core i5 is affordable for you then you shouldn’t think twice about it. Laptop of this processor is the one you should be all over if the bank account doesn’t object.

Graphics Card

Graphics is one of the core components of gaming and without good graphics, a game simply isn’t enjoyable enough. Even though the gameplay might be one of the finest there is, if you don’t have good visuals in your game then there’s always a key element that is missing. Being a gamer, choosing a laptop with a good graphics processing unit is key and MSI provides that.

Computer game software relies massively on graphics and the graphics card as vital as the CPU if you’re a hardcore gamer. MSI’s laptops are considered powerful in gaming because they deliver such brilliant graphical performance in them. Their laptops are powerful because they come with NVIDIA GTX or RTX chips which make them so much better than most other brands in the market.

Both these graphic cards are built for e-sports and have the capability to handle even the most demanding games out there. AAA games are light work for MSI laptops so when you are playing a blockbuster game, just know that MSI laptops are the ones which you need to play on at least once in your life.

To add to the fun, a Discrete GPU Mode Switch Technology is also present and with this feature, users can solve software compatibility issues as well as increase the gaming performance of their game. With such convenience and top-notch performance offered by MSI, there shouldn’t be any questions about the performance of MSI because up till now, it has smashed everything out of the park.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

In order to access data quickly, a greater RAM is always a plus and in today’s day, you have so many files scattered throughout your laptop that you need to access them at a lightning fast pace. MSI gets that done for you as well. Most gaming applications and heavy software of today’s day require around 4 GB RAM and MSI goes beyond that!

MSI begins its range going all the way from 8 GB to 32 GB for its best models. The best part is that if you feel like the RAM that you have isn’t enough then you can easily upgrade the storage without any issues. That is the convenience MSI offers so why shouldn’t you consider it as an option?


With a power-packed system, it is only fair that the cooling systems of these beasts are jacked up as well. These MSI laptops pack a punch and to get rid of all this heat, they need to have a supreme cooling system. To match the performance of MSI’s processors, MSI laptops have several fans and heat pipes in double digits. So if there’s anything remotely close to Antarctica in your room, it will be your MSI laptop.

On the other hand, the slightly lower-end Thin and Leopard Series from MSI has a thermal cooling system which is composed of 6 heat pipes and multiple fans and these keep these laptops cool and functional at their optimal performance. For lightweight and entry-level laptops, these cooling systems are more than enough.

That’s not all though! Many MSI laptops come coated with a CNC Polished Copper Blocks and Aluminum die-casting alloy plates which offers optimized cooling and greater durability than other brands. These metals do not harm the internal hardware of your laptop one bit so you know that things on the inside are as good on the outside.


As for screen specifications, MSI hits the bull’s eye for sure. You have the option to choose from a 15.6-inch to 17.3-inch display which is available at 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Don’t even get us started on how gorgeous the 4K screen is because hours will pass by and we won’t stop praising the beauty and elegance of this resolution on an MSI laptop.

But don’t be fooled in terms of performance. 4K might give better resolution but it’s 1080p that delivers smoother gameplay and a longer battery life. This is why the Titan Series of MSI only comes in a 1080p FHD display. This is to give a true FHD gaming experience which balances the highest levels of display and performance.


Finally on to the aesthetics which might not be as significant compared to the factors we’ve mentioned above but they still give a pretty neat look to the laptop overall. Which is why MSI has got this area covered to drive away all your worries.

MSI laptops have a backlit keyboard, the GS76 Stealth along with newer models have a special light feature which lights up and spreads into the processor of the laptop whenever you end up pressing a single key on your laptop. With a color palette of 16.8 million colors, it is up to you to choose which color is going to look the best on your laptop. You can customize the color every now and then in the settings.

You can even sync the backlight of your laptop to any song if you’d like, and don’t worry we won’t judge whatever song you choose!


After all the things we’ve mentioned above, it is important to know that MSI laptops come with a sparkling price tag as well. If you’re just stepping into the world of gaming and aren’t really in the mood to spend four figures on a gaming machine then MSI offers some cheaper options as well starting from $700. The price takes a hike as you move towards the more advanced Leopard and Titan series.


MSI’s laptops are heavy on performance and quality and if you have the room to cough up $1500 to $2000 for a gaming machine then be our guest. This machine is going to give you a hell of time for the next 4 to 5 years. But if you’re just stepping into the gaming bubble then we would definitely recommend you to get a lower-end laptop from this manufacturer.

As for buying from this specific company, it’s a no brainer. What they advertise is what they sell you and what they’re selling you is the most advanced tech you’ll come across today’s day.

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