Best Cherry MX Brown Keyboard Reviews 2022

Having a Cherry Mx Brown Keyboard can turn your gaming, in terms of gaming as well as personal life. This is a sign that you are out of the pompous phase of your life and you are ready to actually game with a whole lot of subtlety. You can improve your game with true cut-throat precision and tactile standards. This means this is the season to get leveling up with the best cherry MX brown keyboard. And that is a great choice for your part.

The category of the Cherry Mx Brown Keyboards is considered to be the neutral or the middle ground keyboards. These do not go overboard with the sound quality or the pushing pressure required. You can give them a soft touch and they will go the extra mile for you. Pushing them hard will also get the job done well.

These Middle-ground keyboards allow a balanced combination of tactile bump and silence. You can use it on the train, in an office and anywhere where you need to be a lot more sophisticated than your house. It is a great way to transition from dorm life to a professional one. The keyboards demand medium actuation force. This is a highly versatile switch style. You can enjoy the tactile bump which is created by the bump in the interruption fin and its hysteresis. These are way less than the Cherry MX Blue and hence more provoking in a silent and almost inaudible way.

You can be extremely precise with the best cherry MX Brown Keyboard. It is a great way to be quiet yet type well. The margin of error is very less. This beauty is amazing for gaming, typing and even coding. You can use this option and rely on it because so many others do as well. The quality is unmatched since the brand is Cherry MX. The keyboard can be your battleground without making the world think that you are weird or disturbing. You can choose the latest FPS games with this and even MOBA’s or MMO worlds. This is works just as well for each. This has alloy metal and Kailah inspired key switches and that makes all the difference. If you want quality then this is it.

Best Cherry MX Brown Keyboard

Here’s the list of best cherry MX Brown keyboards for you.

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.CORSAIR K70 Gaming KeyboardMB169B Check Price
2.Cooler Master MasterKeys SMB169B Check Price
3.iKBC CD108 Cherry MX BlueMB169B Check Price
4.Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical GamingMB169B Check Price
5.Das S Professional Cherry MX BrownMB169B Check Price
6.Fnatic Gear Rush LEDMB169B Check Price
7.Cougar Attack X3 Cherry MX BrownMB169B Check Price
8.G.SKILL RIPJAWS Cherry MX BrownMB169B Check Price

1. CORSAIR K70 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is a competitive brand when it comes to modern key-switches and keyboard designs. The configuration of the Corsair K70 specifically is our favorite. You can enjoy this mechanical gaming keyboard with a lot of grace and competitive abilities to develop one of the best performance records on the block. It helps in assisting you rather than causing trouble.

CORSAIR K70 Gaming Keyboard


This is a USB pass-through of the keyboard. You can use it and charge it with any device that accepts a USB in its port. You can also allow media control with it. It is super tactile, yet quite. You can enjoy this one in Cherry MX red as well. But, we are totally loving the Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown.

It is made out of the aiircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. What this does is it delivers high-quality durability. There is lighting control as well. You can choose how the keycaps light up. There is vibrant backlighting in it as well. This one can be fully customized.

You can choose how it works and looks in a dynamic way in combination with the game of your choice. This Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown has a 100% real Cherry MX Brown Keyswitches. You can sit with ease on this one.

You also get a 100% anti-ghosting button. There is a wrist rest that can make your experience comfortable. You can enjoy a lot of dedicated multimedia controls as well.

Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown is going to have a lightweight aluminum chassis. This one is Cue-enabled.

Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Brown is a cult-favorite choice for modern gamers and their needs to be socially approved.

  • This allows it to have advanced lighting control.
  • You can type with great ease with the large font keycaps.
  • Does not come with a notification bar for DIscord

2. Cooler Master MasterKeys S

The Cooler Master MasterKeys S Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Swfitch is also a thick and large keycap keyboard. It improves visibility and thinking when gaming. Nobody can type well when confused. But, this one is a great way to just type with a clear head and no startling keys.

Cooler Master MasterKeys S


The Cooler Master MasterKeys S Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown has pure and real Cherry MX Brown Switches.

This one is said to be great for more than 50 million strokes on the keyboard. This option is a  tenkeyless choice. This means it has no numerical pad on the said, but like, who uses that anyway.

The Cooler Master S has thick and large 1.5mm PBT keycaps. No matter how hard you punch the keys this one is going to withstand it. It gives a lot of strength to it. The keys are also not likely to get sweaty or sticky with your hands. You can use them while eating food and they will not get all weird.

You can customize the keys for a MAC, Windows and other operating-system configurations. You can also change or switch between modes whenever you feel like. The keyboard has its own processor. It can be changed from one setting to the other in under microseconds.If you have a 10 years old daughter get a laptop for her

The Cooler Master MasterKeys S Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown has a 6-Key and N-Key rollover as well. You get ultra-precision with this. You get all registered input keys. No fake ones to waste your time.

The keyboard comes with the genuine German Cherry MX switches. These will not fade or chip off. Like some strange keyboards, these will not come off or wear off with use.

You can also enjoy the layout of the keyboard according to your choices. It allows QWERTY, Dvorak or Workman. There will be no extra software needed to make this switch or change.

The keyboard can take extremely fast typing without the need to think about what the keys are. This keyboard promises no lags or bottlenecks of the system from fast typing. This is a true coder, gamers, and typists’ dream.Check Top 10 Best Lga 1150 CPUs also

  • Highly durable
  • Allows multiple layouts
  • Can be used without fading or getting sticky
  • Does not come with led notification indicators

3. iKBC CD108 Cherry MX Blue

IKBC CD108 Cherry MX Blue is also a great alternative if you are looking for the Best Cherry MX Brown Keyboard. You can use this one to fulfill similar needs. It allows heavier clicks and it will not lag either. This is a full-sized keyboard and has a wired operation. You can use it with laptops and desktops with great ease.

iKBC CD108 Cherry MX Blue


The IKBC CD108 Cherry MX Blue allows a great deal of Tactile and Heavy-clicky ability. It has an extra resistance layer. You will not be able to accidentally press keys in this one. What you get is a better tactile bump and a much more audible click with this one as compared to the brown one.

The keycaps come with special laser-engraved printing. You can distinguish the keys easily. If you are just by yourself you can use this and probably love it more than the Cherry MX brown options. You also get 3-way direction management for cable.

The keys are much sleeker and compact. You will not need to waste any extra space. This has a compact nature so it looks precise. You can also improve your visibility because the keys are not crammed or put together super close to each other.

The keyboard also allows 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB. You can lock it when not in operation. It is a safe and sound option. You can hear each tap so you know it is being used.

Although workplaces, trains, and libraries deem it to be a little too loud. It is also not suitable for corporate workspaces and professional settings. It has great precision though.

  • Audible and clear punching allowed
  • Has a good tactile bump and loud punch sound
  • This is not a Cherry MX Brown Keyboard it is a Cherry MX Blue

4. Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming

The Corsair K95 is a great RGB keyboard for mechanical gaming. It is amazing. It has upto 6 programmable keys. You can custom these.

Corsair K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming


There is LGB lighting that can be customized too. This means that you can choose the way the keyboard looks through its backlighting options. It has USD passthrough and Media control as well. This is a tactile and yet silent option. This is because it has real Cherry Mx Brown key switches.

The Corsair K95 is a great RGB keyboard has an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame. This is one of the best things about the brand. This si a lightweight and portable choice. The keyboard has an 8mb profile storage on the hardware. You can get a lighting playback of your choice. You can set up upto three different colors and light profiles. It is all mentioned and controllable in the external software.

The keys are Cherry MX Brown this means that they are precise, large and they do not allow any distractions to cause issues in your typing.

You can change every key’s color and illumination level. There are about 19 zones on the top edge light bar that you can use to enjoy animations. You can assign functions to the 6 programmable keys. This goes on to show that this laptop takes the gaming nd coding experience to way miles ahead of others in the class.

By the virtue of being a Corsair keyboard, it has a soft wrist rest to prevent any wrist cramming or compromise on your performance. If you do not want it you can remove it. The wrist rest is soft and removable and what is there not to love about it?

The Corsair K95 is a great RGB keyboard is one of the most usable mechanical keyboards that you can come across.

  • Has 6 programmable switches or buttons
  • Allows animation in the 19- zone bar on top
  • Has a removable wrist rest
  • Does not come with a non-wire option

5. Das S Professional Cherry MX Brown

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional is also a Cherry Mx Brown mechanical gaming keyboard. However, it is not limited only gaming. You can use it for your daily, day-to-day operationality as well. It is lightweight and easy to carry to anywhere you like to.

Das S Professional Cherry MX Brown


The Das Keyboard Model S Professional is also a Cherry Mx Brown has german engineering. It has a hundred percent real Cherry MX Brown keys. You can use it for a long time because it has gold plated keys.

You can use the extra ports with USB 2.0 connectivity. This allows for syncing and charging iPhone, iPod and USB compatible devices. You can use this one with a cable wire. This is an anti-ghosting technology inbuilt in the keyboard. This can also be used with a PS2 adaptor. You can program upto 6 keys and give them functions of your choice.

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional is also a Cherry Mx Brown that has blue LEDs for special locks. If the Number Lock, Capitals Lock or the  Scroll Lock are on, you will get the blue color indicator.

The mechanical key switches are obviously a high brand so they will last really long. You can also use it for upto 50 million keystrokes and the keyboard will still not get tired.

  • This allows you to reduce any margin of error.
  • This is ideal for fast typing and gamers.
  • This is also a great precise option for coders.
  • Does not offer DIscord or any type of notifications

6. Fnatic Gear Rush LED

The Fnatic Gear Rush LED Pro is also a sweet choice for gamers who want a mechanical Keyboard. Only, that this one is a Red Cherry Mx Switch keyboard. You can get this in the preset US layout keyboard. It is a great option who want not the brown one but the Cherry MX Red option.
Fnatic Gear Rush LED


The Fnatic Gear Rush LED Pro has an amazing quality. It allows performance standards that meet yours. You can use it for the tournament to tournament gameplay without a compromise on quality.

There are Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. These allow good tactile ranges. You can enjoy the performance without any delays or lags. The keyboards allow gaming scenarios and are compatible as well as reliable for fast typing.

The Fnatic Gear Rush LED Pro is a prochoice for the esports lovers. Although it is not as silent as the Cherry Mx Brown keys.

  • The keys have been created with a soft-rubber coating.
  • You can also enjoy removable wrist-support.
  • This is not a Cherry MX Brown option

7. Cougar Attack X3 Cherry MX Brown

Cougar ATTACK X3 Cherry Brown MX Mechanical is a gaming keyboard. You can also use it as a high quality, high-performance heavy-duty keyboard.

Cougar Attack X3 Cherry MX Brown


There are Cherry Brown MX mechanical switches on this one. You can enjoy the memory on the keyboard. There is a strong aluminum structure. The structure is supported by the gaming-grade responsiveness and tactile feedback from the keys.

Cougar ATTACK X3 has a full-on heavy-duty User Interface and experience system. It also has the durability to last up to 50 million keystrokes. The keyboard comes with a 1ms response time. You can use it to style or configure upto 3 profiles.

Cougar ATTACK X3 allows good quality gaming and tension-free typing.

  • This has been optimized for efficient typing.
  • It comes with an easy to use internal software and there is compatibility for intense gaming
  • Allows fast typing
  • This is not an RGB choice

8. G.SKILL RIPJAWS Cherry MX Brown

The G.skill Ripjaws Cherry Mx Brown is a great choice for heavy-duty gamers and typists. You can enjoy durable performance and stability in this one. This is a very stable and consistent choice.



The Cherry MX Brown switches allow the user to have extreme typing speed. It requires little pressure or input and allows a lot of productivity. It has a lightweight key press. The result is strong tactile feedback.

G.skill Ripjaws Cherry Mx Brown allows upto 3 on-board profiles. It also allows 6 additional dedicated macros keys. This is going to be ultra synchronized with your computer’s motherboard, because of the MSI Mystic Light Sync and Gigabyte RGB Fusion.

You can use it in 3 unique modes of keyboard layouts. There is a possibility to easily switch between the modes of use.

  • This is an RGB lit keyboard
  • This is great for multitasking or switching between gaming styles.
  • Lightweight and very productive
  • You can not customize the colors though.


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