Best Mechanical Keyboard for Programming 2022 Reviews

When it comes to typing, you know that you need to have the best keyboard in order to get the best results. There are different types of keyboards available but it is the mechanical keyboards that have an edge over the other keyboards. A mechanical keyboard is different from the rest of the keyboards as it uses switches in order to make it easier to type. There are mechanical switches under every key that record every keystroke that you make.

When the switch is triggered when the keys are pressed before making a return to their place. This is what makes mechanical keyboards different from regular keyboards as they use rubber dome for recording of the key. You can find some of the top mechanical keyboards that are good for programming and are used by the programmers. We will take you through some of the best mechanical keyboards for programming that are being used right now.

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Programming

SR#NameImageCheck Price
1.USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2MB169B Check Price
2.CM Storm QuickFire XTMB169B Check Price
3.WASD-V2B-87-MXNMB169B Check Price
4.Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55gMB169B Check Price
5.Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard KB600MB169B Check Price
6.Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2MB169B Check Price
7.Das Keyboard 5Q Soft TactileMB169B Check Price
8.Redragon K552MB169B Check Price
9.Corsair K55 RGBMB169B Check Price
10.Razer Black Widow Chroma V2MB169B Check Price

1. USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, NKR, Tactile Action, Keyboard FKBN87M/EFB2

When you are looking to get yourself the best mechanical keyboard, then the first choice should be the USA Filco Ninja Majestouch – 2. The keyboard will make your life easier with all the features that it has got including the Cherry MX brown switch tactile feel.

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

There are 87 keys in the keyboard that are all settled in the US ASCII key arrangement. The keyboard comes up with a USB cable that can be wired with your laptops and computers. The length of the keyboard is about 1.5 meter which is more than enough.

The overall dimension of the keyboard is about 356x135x33 with a total weight of about 980 grams. The layout of the keyboard is similar to that of what you can get in a normal keyboard. However the difference is that the legends are on the front of the keys instead of being on the top. The keyboard doesn’t have a number pad and is one of the reasons why it has a compact design and is small in size as compared to the other keyboard.

The Ninja keyboard comes with 2 sets of Windows keys and also has a key puller to change the keys. All the functions of the keyboard are recognized on the PC making it easier to use for the users. The keyboard also provides fast and stress free typing so that users can feel comfortable using it.Check some Best Mouse For Programming also if you are a programmer

  • The keyboard contains keys in the US ASCII arrangement
  • There are 2 sets of windows keys in the keyboard
  • Easy and fast typing possible
  • There is no number pad in this keyboard
  • There are problem with the switches of the keyboard
  • The price is on the higher side

2. CM Storm QuickFire XT – Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with CHERRY MX Brown Switches

Gaming is one thing that has become quite common nowadays and people need proper accessories for gaming. And this is why gaming keyboards are now becoming a necessity for people. CM Storm QuickFire is one of the best gaming keyboard that you will find around that too in the best possible price.

CM Storm QuickFire XT

The keyboard has the Mechanical Cherry MX Brown key switches that guarantee you that you can have up to 50 million keystrokes. Despite so many keystrokes, the keyboard will provide you with medium resistance only and you can continue using it further. The shape of the keyboard is super slim that makes it easier for the user to type using different angles.

When you are typing, the most difficult thing is stability, and you get this in this keyboard. There are steel plate embedded below that provide the durability and stability to the keyboard. There is also a detachable USB cable along with a full size USB connector in order to connect it to computers and other devices.

Another thing that makes this keyboard the best is that there are different multimedia keys available through which you can easily control your multimedia. From pause to play to skip, you can find it all at the keyboard. There is also an option to disable the windows key so that there is no interruption during the game time.

  • Lifespan of about 50 million keystrokes
  • Super slim look to make it easier to type from different angles
  • Shortcut keys in order to control multimedia
  • Some of the keys would fail to work with the passage of time like backspace and alter
  • The manufacturing is a concern as there soldering on the keyboard is quite poor

3. WASD Keyboards WASD-V2B-87-MXN Code 87-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard with White LED Backlighting – Cherry MX Brown

Are you looking to get your hands on the best mechanical keyboard? Do you want to get one of the best mechanical keyboards? Then get your hands on the WASD keyboards V2B-87-MXN which comes with white LED backlighting as well. The keyboard comes up with a Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches. The contacts are rated at 50 million cycles which makes it an impressive buy.


If you want to have lighting on your keyboard, then this is the one you should have. There is full white lighting that comes with 7 different levels. You can adjust the brightness according to what you want to set making it easier for you to control it. Your last lighting memory is saved and will be used whenever you use the keyboard the next time.

One thing that you may not find in most of the keyboards but can be found in this one is the technology through which multiple keys can be pressed over PS2. There are over 6 keys plus modifiers that are available over the USB. There is also a detachable Micro USB cable along with a multichannel cable routing system. There are different accessories available with the keyboard which include wire key cap puller, USB cable, and USB to PS2 adapter.

There is also a gaming feature in the laptop through which you can disable the windows key of the keyboard with the help of the scroll lock. The slim and classic design makes it easier to take the keyboard wherever you want to take.

  • White LED lighting with different brightness levels
  • Tactile bump mechanical switches
  • Slim case design of the keyboard
  • USB port can end up using too much power
  • Ringing noise after releasing every single key on the keyboard

4. Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g (Black)

There are often times when you need to have a keyboard that is small and sleek and doesn’t cover up a lot of space. Not only this, but the keyboard should also do the specified functions that it is required to do. Realforce 87U Tenkeyless provides you with that option where you can get your things done from a keyboard that won’t take any space of yours.

Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g

The keyboard contains 87 keys with the US ANSI English layout and has got the Topre Electrostatic Capacitive key switches. The best thing that makes this keyboard different from the rest of the keyboards is the weight of it. The keyboard weighs only 55 gram and can be easily carried without having any problem giving you the comfort that you desire.

The weight of the keyboard is one great advantage that you can get as compared to the other keyboards. The 10-key number pad is also integrated into the keyboard which is something that is not done in many of the other keyboards. The keycaps of the keyboard are highly durable and that is because of the polybutylene terephthalate keycaps.

While other keyboards are coming up with lights and all, you can only find LED lights in the Capslock and Numlock keys and not anywhere else. The labelling on the keyboard is done that way in which it can be difficult for people to see the labels with black labelling on gray keycaps. With low lights, these labels might not be visible at all so people with vision problems should not be using this keyboard.

  • Light weight keyboard which is easy to carry around
  • High durability of keycaps
  • Integrated number pad
  • The labelling is dark and extremely difficult to comprehend
  • Price of the keyboard is on the higher side

5. Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard KB600

When you talk about keyboards, there are only normal design keyboards that come to your mind but that is not the case. There are programming keyboard available as well that have been designed specifically for programming. There are some of the best keyboards for programmers and available Kinesis Advantage 2 Keyboard KB600 is one of the best keyboard for programming.

Kinesis Advantage 2

When you are talking about programming keyboards, there are not many times when you will get keyboards that allows customization. This particular keyboard is the best programming keyboard in terms of this thing that there is customization involved in it for programming engine. But that can be done without having the need of any additional drivers or software.

When you need to customize there are times when you need additional software and drivers but not in this case. In order to make your muscles relax and reduce the extension between hands and fingers so that you can work comfortably and in a professional way. The design is totally different from other keyboards as it has been done so that programming can become easier when it is being done and the keyboard is considered as the best programming keyboard.

A good programming keyboard will always have keys that are responsive and this particular keyboard fulfills this criteria. This is why it is recommended as the one of the best programming keyboards that you will find around in this price range.

  • Customization of keyboard without the use of any software or drivers
  • Reduces hand and finger extension through concave key wells
  • Muscles are relaxed
  • Is recommended for programming only as other users may not be able to use it

6. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2 (Compact, Charcoal, Printed Keycaps, 45G)

There are keyboards that will require you to press quite hard in order to register, but not every keyboard is like that. You can find some of the best keyboards that will only require a gentle press and you are done with typing. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 is that keyboard that works on this particularly same principle of gentle pressing. The switch type used in this keyboard is topre capacitive.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional2

This particular switches are probably the best of the lot as they provide you with the precision and efficiency that is often required when you are typing. All you need to do is press the keys gently so that the keystroke can be registered. There is no need to press hard in order to register the keystroke. The keyboard also contains only 60 keys to the maximum and there needs to be a combination that you want so that you can have a faster typing experience.

The compact design of the keyboard is one reason why there are only 60 keys but the frame and keys allow smooth movement. This means that there is no fatigue on your hands and fingers when typing process is going on. In order to make sure that the labelling of elements is there, keys are made up with TBT and printed using dye sublimation.

There are dip switches in the keyboard so it means that there is an option through which you different function keys can be applied as well. The design off the keyboard has been done in such a way that programming can be done easily with 101 keys being adjusted into 60 keys. This reduces the full size of keyboard to a compact size.

  • Compact and symmetrical designs
  • 101 keys are adjusted into 60 keys only
  • Keys made up of premium PBT
  • Gives a feeling of an old keyboard with a long press time only

7. Das Keyboard 5Q Soft Tactile RGB Smart Mechanical Keyboard (DKPK5Q0P0GZS0USX)

While we have seen that there are different keyboards for programmers, typists, and gamers, we should also know that developers also have different keyboard. There are a lot of things that developers might need when it comes to working on a keyboard and the Das keyboard fulfills that need for them. The 5Q soft tactile RGB is the keyboard that is made for developers only and makes it easier for them to work.

Das Keyboard 5Q

The one thing that developers are looking for is that there should be no delays and the work should go on fluently. This particular keyboard provides them these desired results as you can get all these features in the keyboard. The keyboard has RTO technology that reduces the delays with Advanced Mechanical Switches with 100 million actuations.

The RGB is also controlled through the Gamma Zullu switches with 16.8M RGB colors. The quality of the keyboard is very high so that it is durable and can bring in precision in the work of the developers. There are also 2 USB ports on the keyboard which means you are getting extra port. The design of the keyboard is totally different from the rest and hence stands out for the developer.

  • Specifically for the developers so they can work on their own
  • Eliminates interruptions and makes easy to work
  • No way of resetting the device
  • Download file in order to assign colors

8. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compact 87 Key Mechanical Computer Keyboard

If you want to get your hands on the best pro gaming keyboard then you need to search a lot of what you want. But now the problem is easy with the introduction of Redragon K552 Mechanical gaming keyboard that will solve all your gaming problems with ease. The keyboard has got custom mechanical switches that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Redragon K552

Another added advantage that you get with this keyboard is the lighting in it which is better than most of the keyboards you will find. There is red LED adjustable lighting option along with molded keycaps that provides you with better back lights as well. The overall lighting of the keyboard complements the gaming structure with the keyboard being of the normal size in terms of inches.

There is a USB connector with the keyboard as well which means that there is no wireless connection option available with this keyboard. The mechanical keys with mechanical switches provide an enhanced life of the keyboard and increase its durability and responsiveness. The sound of the press of the keys is also audible with tactile feedback. There are overall 99 keys in the keyboard which include 12 multimedia keys along with 87 conflict free keys.

  • Provides you the best gaming experience
  • Custom switches increase the response time and durability
  • USB connector for hardcore gaming
  • Keys stop functioning after sometime
  • USB connection is low which hampers the performance

9. Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit Keys

Often when you get yourself a keyboard, the problem that is faced by many users is of lighting. But with the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard, you get to opt for three different RGB backlighting that give you a diversified lighting effect. The keys are in the highlight with the three different lighting options that are available making it easier for people to use the keyboard.

Corsair K55 RGB

The keyboard has got 6 macro keys for different actions with adjustable height feature also available with the keyboard. There are direct multimedia control options available where you can control the volume without interrupting the game. The anti-ghosting makes sure that the simultaneous key presses are accurate and there is nothing wrong with them. The keys itself are quiet and responsive which makes it easier to play games and improves the overall gaming experience as well.

Another feature that this keyboard has to offer is that it helps you to give rest to your wrist as it reduces the fatigue. You can get the wired keyboard with mouse or only wired keyboard or wireless one, with all having different prices. The keyboard needs 1 AAA battery in order to function which you need to check regularly. You can also play keyboard enabled games of XBOX with this keyboard.

  • Three different lighting options
  • Compatible with XBOX
  • 6 programmable macro keys are present in the keyboard
  • There are functionality problems with Steam
  • Games can crash often

10. Razer Black Widow Chroma V2: Esports Gaming Keyboard

While Logitech may be producing some of the best gaming ninja keyboards, you cannot hide the Razor BlackWidow Chroma in this regard. The keyboard is one of the best in this regard where you can improve its performance with the ultra-thin form factor mouse pad as they complement each other. The keyboard has been designed for gaming only.

Razer Black Widow Chroma V2

And you can have an idea of it by keeping in mind that there are 16.8 million customizing color options available. And as gamers often play for long hours, the wrist rest provides you with comfortable gaming experience for hours that you may not get anywhere else. There are also 5 dedicated macro keys in the keyboard along with 10 anti-ghosting keys that can execute maximum 10 commands at one time.

You can assign macros and save your profile configurations to the cloud and explore other advance options of this keyboard. The Razer mouse with form factor mouse pad will complete the gaming experience that you have been looking forward to. There is a requirement of 1 lithium-ion battery in order to run the keyboard.

  • Durability of 80 million keystrokes
  • 8 million customizable color options
  • Dedicated macro keys
  • The quality of keys is poor
  • There are glitches of light in the keyboard

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