Can You Leave Your Laptop in a Cold Car?

Your laptop is one of the biggest assets that you have. Not only is it expensive but it has important data and information of yours which you need to keep safe with you. Of course, sometimes you might be traveling and will need your laptop with you. When you are done with work then what do you do with your laptop? Do you just leave it on the car seat? That is exactly what doesn’t need to be done.

There are a few things which you need to know when you leave your laptop in a cold car. We are going to tell these things to you and these are going to help you keep your laptop in your car safely when you aren’t taking your laptop with you. These precautions are going to help you keep your laptop safe while it’s kept in your car that is unattended for a long time.

Can You Leave Your Laptop in a Cold Car?

That is the question which you probably thought of first and although you can leave your laptop in your car, you need to keep it safe. If you choose to leave your laptop under extreme temperatures then there’s a big chance that the screen battery and other important parts of your laptop might get damaged. This is why you will need to keep your laptop safe.

Here are some tips which you can follow when you keep your laptop in a cold car to make sure that your laptop doesn’t get affected by the cold weather in any way. A machine is unpredictable and we can’t really tell what adverse effects can take place after it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Keep in Trunk

The freezing condition isn’t the only factor which puts the security of your company in danger. You may end up attracting unwanted attention if you ever leave your laptop in a cold car overnight where the laptop might be visible to people who walk by your car. When you put your laptop in your trunk then it keeps it safe from unwanted eyes as well as the cold temperature so always leave the laptop in your trunk!

Insulated Bag

An insulated bag is going to protect your laptop from excessive temperature decreases in its external environment if it is placed within an insulated container. If you do not have a container then you can cover it with clothes or any other materials which are going to help keep your laptop warm. If you need to leave your computer in a car then an insulated bag is going to help you do wonders.

An insulated bag is going to protect it from extreme temperatures, damage, and other scratches which might come on to it if it is simply kept openly in the trunk of your car.

Purchase a Rugged Laptop

If you’re willing to use your laptop outside in the cold where the weather is quite extreme then it is probably the best time to purchase a rugged laptop for yourself. The purpose of a rugged laptop is to create an acceptable work environment under all kinds of weather conditions.

With a rugged laptop, you can leave your laptop in the trunk of your car without keeping it in a bag. Your laptop can stay in your car for a long time because temperature isn’t going to have that much of an impact on it.

Warm Your Laptop Up

After you’ve brought your laptop back from the cold then you can give it some time to warm up. This is to help the circuits of the laptop come to room temperature. This is a condition which is also applicable when you go outdoors. If you leave the laptop in the cold then bring it to a warm room instantly then that can also cause condensation inside the laptop.

Warm up your device slowly so that no such issue comes about in it when you change its environment.

Protect the Screen

The final tip from us would be to keep the screen of your laptop safe. Heating pads or heating devices aren’t the solutions for warming up your laptop’s display because the display is unable to withstand the freezing temperatures. You need to give your display some time to come to the normal temperature and the screen will end up warming by itself.

Apart from this if you have a feeling that your laptop’s screen might be frozen then do not attempt to boot your laptop.


With the methods we’ve told you above, you can proceed to leave your laptop in a cold car and when you go back to it, it will be the way you left it. Just make sure to follow the methods told and your laptop will be good as ever in a cold car.

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