How to Fix if Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing Color

Canon is famous for its cameras and other electronic devices; canon also excels in the printer department. Canon printer is the best printer one can buy and use. Canon printer are high end printing machines which print the best result. Whether you want to print a document or a color diagram or even color pictures, canon printer is the best printer available in the market. You can scan and print documents, pictures, files on a canon pixma printer with ease. Canon printers can last for a long time if the user takes proper care of it and changes the printing cartridges on time. But if you fail to do so there could be many technical issues that can come up with your canon printer. Errors being failing to print a document, failing to print a color picture or file, or cartridge leaks. There could be many reasons behind the malfunctioning of the canon printer and you will have to fix your canon printer. There are many issues behind not printer color and you would require to fix the canon printer not printing the color problem as quickly as you can so you can go back to print. Here are a few steps you can follow to fix your canon printer not printing color. It is a step-by-step process make sure you follow all the steps to fix your printer which is not printing color.

Why Is My Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing Color Correctly?

There could be many reasons behind the malfunctioning of your printer. The most common reasons for your canon printer not printing color properly can a corrupted printer driver. Usually when you connect your printer to your system it does not install the drivers of the printers correctly, if it does not install the drivers correctly your printer will face color printing issues. Sometimes it may not ever print other times it might over print. The other reason could be finished ink cartridges, your ink cartridges maybe empty hence the printing error by canon. When the ink cartridge is empty the printer fails to print the document. Other issues can be paper jamming issues in the printers, sometimes users do not place the printing pages the right way due to which the paper gets jammed in the printer and it is unable to print. Firmware of the printer if not installed correctly can become a problem and can stop the printers from not printing. Usually, the configuration of the printer is an issue, sometimes there can be compatibility issue with the printers and the laptop or system the printer is attached or being used with. If your canon printer is dirty or you are using duplicate ink that can be one of the reasons due to which your printer can show you an error while printing black and white or in color.

How to Resolve These Problems?

Every problem has a solution, the solution can be simple or can be complex but there is always a solution. There are many ways to fix the problem of canon pixma printer not printing color properly. Let’s start with the obvious problem of being low on printing ink. Which is a common problem, you need to check your ink cartridge and see if it is empty or not. If it is empty replace the canon ink cartridge with a canon ink cartridge. You can easily get the cartridge from a canon store or canon website. The other common problem could be with the driver, you can download the canon printer driver from the canon website and your printer will start printing the color prints. Third most common problem and the solution can be of the settings. Usually, you need to configure the printer before plugging it in. You need to refer the manual which is easily available on the canon website and also comes with the canon printer to see if the settings are accurate or not. You can always perform a factory reset on the printer if you think you messed up the settings. If all fails, no need to worry you can always call the representatives at canon and they will help you sort out your problem of the canon printer.

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