How Can I Upgrade My Motherboard and CPU Without Reinstalling the Windows ?

Though fresh windows install is not a problem for most home and office users nowadays. It’s still necessary to keep this tedious job away. Plus, you must be aware of some noticeable aspects of reinstalling windows OS from scratch will surely remove all your previously configured system, the installed applications, and even data. You don’t expect to repeat work of reinstalling them again, right? Meanwhile, with windows 7, you really don’t have anything to be worried about because Windows will reactivate after your upgrade. If it didn’t an automated phone call to Microsoft office will do wonders to get back up and running. But, then introduced Windows 10, your only option was to reinstall everything including the license.Budget X570 Motherboards can help you to build pc

Upgrading Motherboard and CPU

This is a more complex operation. You’ll need to go about halfway to completely disassembling your PC to get an old motherboard out and a new one in. Set aside a twain of hours for this task if you’re generally familiar with PC hardware and maybe a bit longer if you’re not. Also, note that upgrading your motherboard especially with a different model generally demands you to re-install your operating system and restore it. Before you begin, you’ll want to back up all your data and settings, if possible and have installation media for your new operating system ready to go. Like really, you should consider this more building a new computer and reusing old parts than simply upgrading your computer. You’ll need the same tools as above a Phillips-head screwdriver, a clean place to work, possibly an anti-static bracelet, and some bowls or cups to hold onto screws. Before attempting to upgrade the CPU cooler always make sure you have some thermal paste.If you have want something latest in motherboards then look at Motherboard For i7 9700k reviews

Upgrade My Motherboard

Bootable USB and a Full System Backup

The steps to bootable USB and a full system backup image at first:

  • Insert the USB on your computer. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup then click Tools and then Create Emergency Disk.
  • Select Create WinPE emergency disk below the Boot disk type.
  • Click PROCEED to organize a bootable disk.
  • After the EaseUS Todo Backup bootable disk is generated. Hit back to the main windows and select system backup.
  • Choose the Bootable drive you’ve just created as the backup destination. Click PROCEED to accomplish the backup process.

Universal Restore After the Motherboard and CPU Upgrading

It is the built-in feature of the windows that do not require you to download. It’s basically complexed and asks for a higher level of computing skills. The second matter for upgrading to perform the universal restore after the motherboard and CPU upgrading also have some steps and the steps are:

  • Boot your computer from EaseUS Todo Backup bootable USB flash drive.
  • On the leading window of EaseUS Todo Backup click system transfer.
  • Pick up a system backup, which stayed on the USB flash drive. Then click OK.
  • Select the recovery location of the new hardware to restore the system and then click OK.

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