How Much Does the Average Laptop Weigh?

Laptops come in all sizes. You choose the laptop to buy for yourself which you are completely comfortable with. It is usually only after buying that you realize that it isn’t the laptop you wanted because of some few minor inconveniences. Most of us also don’t check the laptop when we buy it because we’re too excited to buy a new laptop that we forget to look at in every aspect.

Speaking of aspects, the hardware and appearance of a laptop contributes immensely to one but one thing that most people overlook is the weight of the laptop. That’s right, your laptop’s weight is something that could improve or downgrade your entire experience. Of course, lightweight laptops are easier to carry but they are more prone to damage.

On the other hand, laptops that are heavier damage less often but they are a menace to carry because of their heavy weight. How much does the average laptop weigh exactly, have you thought about it?

The most popular question asked between PC users whenever they are going to buy themselves a laptop is what the weight of a laptop in kg really is. The reason people google this question is because they have no idea about how much a laptop should weigh and whether they should go for a lightweight or a heavyweight laptop.

No need to be tense over this because as always, we have a solution for this as well. Laptop weights won’t be a problem for you as we are going to tell you what the weight of an average laptop is.

Why an Average Laptop?

It is super easy to invest in a laptop that weighs less plus is easy to carry with you. If you are someone who finds themselves traveling a lot then this is the kind of laptop that is going to check all the boxes for you. Having a large laptop will be too much of a hassle for you as you will need to carry it everywhere and you’ll also get exhausted carrying such a heavy laptop.

Which is why we recommend that you carry out your homework before making a serious purchase in the laptop department. You will need to invest in a laptop that is going to give you maximum performance while also making sure that the amount you carry on your shoulders is less.

With such a vast market, it may be a tad bit difficult for you to find the right laptop for yourself. If you’re considering simply the weight and that you want a lightweight laptop for yourself then that is determined by a number of different factors such as the quality of the manufacturer, screen size, and the laptop’s battery to name a few.

We shall be talking about five major parts which contribute to a laptop’s weight. Be sure to go through the section below, carefully.

Chromebook and Ultrabook

These two laptops are traditional in their designs and these laptops are the ones that run mostly on the operating system of Windows. The Chromebook is basically Google’s device which is based on a Chrome OS and the laptop itself runs on the configuration of Google.

Both these laptops are manufactured while keeping in mind their bodies and structures and these two features of each of them are comparable.


Laptops being portable are the second priority which you should be keeping in mind. These ultra-lightweight computers are available in the market and they are meant to make traveling easier than ever as well as more convenient. There are a lot of laptops that come in this collection such as the Apple MacBook Pro, Acer Swift Series, and the HP Folio Series.

The laptops mentioned above are some top of the line models and being lightweight, they can be carried easily to any destination and you can simply pop them up and continue your work from where you last left off. Being lightweight laptops, this feature of theirs is what makes these laptops a bit costly.

If you travel often and are in the mood to pay a little amount above your comfort zone then remember that you’re paying that money for your convenience. This is when you will proceed and buy these laptops because of the level of comfort that they offer you. These laptops are a great alternative if you want to spend a normal amount on a good machine. Be careful while handling it though since it is quite fragile.


The newest kind of travel-friendly computers are completely changing the laptop game. These laptops make your life easier and far more convenient than before. Albeit they are a little heavier and a little less expensive than the more portable models. These laptops give larger batteries but a smaller display. It’s all about sacrificing one feature for the other because there isn’t just one perfect machine out there for you as a user.

These laptops are also small in size. This brings their weight down pretty significantly. Say for instance you’re not in the mood to spend a fortune on a laptop but want something light and portable then some of the decent options you’ll have is the Dell XPS series, Pixelbooks from Google, or the Yoga Series from Lenovo.

Desktop Replacements

Now for some people, they prefer to have their entire desktop replaced with a single laptop which can cater to all their needs. These are laptops which are made to be powerful, heavy on durability, and lightweight. They need to have all the features a high-end PC has and it should also be easy to carry because being portable is the entire point of having such a powerful laptop.

If you aren’t a frequent traveler but would like something that can be easily transported as well as something that is powerful then these desktops would be the finest option to consider.

On the other hand, these laptops are built for gamers as well having high processing speeds, the quickest of refresh rates, and impressive battery life that is going to help users play these games for a long period of time. The brands you can opt for in this bracket are the MSI Leopard Series, Alienware from Dell, and Titan laptops. Be ready to splash the cash because there aren’t many alternatives here.

Luggable Laptops

Luggable laptops are a category of computers which are based on their weight. These are laptops based on your usual PC systems and they are capable of handling heavy-duty tasks as well. These laptops are the classic ones which are not produced by companies anymore.

Some users still have these with them as these laptops are helpful in DIY projects. Being bigger and bulkier than usual, they need a more robust battery to support all their functions. Not to mention that these laptops require a good cooling system to get rid of all that heat! As mentioned that these systems aren’t available in the market anymore but an example of this is the Compaq Portable II.


Q) What is the best lightweight laptop on the market?

Answer: In the current market, there are a variety of laptops that are available and these are of the higher-known brands. You have the Asus Vivobook, the MacBook Air and the Dell Chromebook. These are the most popular lightweight computers right now but if you’re still searching for something which is even lighter then you need to go for a laptop which weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

Q) How much does a light laptop weigh?

Answer: A laptop is usually determined by its brand as well as the type of the device that you’re using and this is mainly due to the fact that your weight takes into account a number of factors which are the storage, battery life, cooling system, and the processing speed. The result gives a typical weight of 1.05 to 2.5 kg for a lightweight laptop and that is pretty much okay considering it can be carried around.


There are different kinds of laptops having different weights spread throughout the market. The number of brands you will find once you enter the market is massive. But don’t be fooled by just names and pretty designs, you will need a laptop for yourself which you find comfortable. All the laptops have different designs but you need to choose the one which fits your comfort, sense of style and usage the right way.

Not all laptops weigh the same either, which is why you will need to do your best to find the laptop that is lightweight and does the job for you. Another important thing which you will need to consider to get the right laptop will be the price range. As long as everything is falling in your price range then you don’t need to go on and increase your range.

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