Complete Guide On How to Bypass Administrator Windows 10

If you want to prevent unauthorized access, then setting your Windows 10 with a strong login password is significant. The most annoying thing that all of us have experienced is forgetting our password and missing logging into it successfully. If you haven’t created the password reset disk before you forget the Windows 10 password, this isn’t very pleasant. This is generally because you are not able to figure out how to bypass administrator Windows 10.

When such scenarios appear, some people often choose to install their operating system. This might cause immense damage because it can erase all your important documents, files, and data on the hard drive. And the sad thing is that you won’t be able to recover it again. If you are not having any critical information or file on your Windows 10 PC, then there is no need to reinstall and bypass the operating system.

To better guide you about it, here we have listed the major Windows 10 methods which will help you to bypass administrator Windows 10 without reinstalling the system. Let’s have a quick look below:

  • Method 1: Bypass Administrator Password Windows 10 by Using another Account
  • Method 2: Bypass Administrator password windows 10 with the WinGeeker
  • Method 3: Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password in the Safe Mode
  • Method 4: Bypass Windows 10 Admin Password with the Reset Disk
  • Method 5: Bypass Administrator Password Windows 10 with the Ultimate Boot CD

Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss each one of the resetting methods below:

Method 1: Bypass Administrator Password Windows 10 by using another Account

If you have not yet logged into Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, then things might be a little complex as people think it to be. But still, there are some simple ways to reset the admin password. You can access Windows 10 with any other account through the admin rights and run PowerShell.

You can follow the below steps to bypass the administrator password by using the command line:

  1. First of all, log into Windows 10 by using any other standard account. Now right click on the start icon and choose the option of Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  2. After it, the PowerShell box will pop up in which you have to type “net user” and then press Enter. With the help of this Windows 10 command, you will get a list of all user accounts created on the Windows 10 system. This will also include the administrator account.
  3. Now you have to type the “net user ACCOUNT NEW PASS” and then press Enter. With this command, you can easily replace the account with the relevant administrator account and, through the NEW PASS, the new reset password you entered.
  4. Once the whole Windows 10 method has been done bypass successfully, you will get a message “Command completed successfully.”

This is how you can successfully go through to bypass the administrator password on Windows 10. You have to reboot your PC and then enter the new reset password for logging into Windows. Here we would like to mention that this reset method will work if you already have another account with the PowerShell admin privileges.

Method 2: Bypass Administrator password windows 10 with the WinGeeker

The next method to bypass administrator passwords is through the use of WinGeeker. This is one of the adequate tools in the current generation. Not just to reset the password, but it even removes the password protection from your Windows 10 PC without any need to reinstall your operating system. It is easy and friendly to operate the system without any hassle.

You do have a choice where you can even make the use of a USB password reset disk with the built-in PE. After it, the program will be loaded in PE. Once you bypass the program successfully, it will instantly identify the SAM file in C Drive. All your account passwords will be 100% saved. You can even remove the admin account password by modifying the whole SAM file. Hence, you can perform this full reset process in PE mode without giving your files any damage. No information or data will be lost during this reset process.

Bypass Administrator Windows 10

Major Pre-requisites for Using WinGeeker

  • A USB drive with a maximum of 512 MB memory or the DVD/CD.
  • An accessible system of Windows computer
  • WinGeeker software can be downloaded in Windows 10 version, free version, or free download version.

You can follow the below steps to bypass the administrator password by using the WinGeeker:

  • The first thing whcih you have to do is download Windows 10 program on any other working PC system. Install it again by following all the terms and conditions.
  • Launch the entire reset program with the admin privileges. No, from the tool’s main UI screen, you have to select “USB or CD/DVD,” which is the most incredible media type option.
  • Insert the USB stick and click the option “Burn USB” option. This will burn all the ISO image files within the USB drive.
  • As soon as the burning gets completed, you will receive a reset notification that says, “Burning Successfully!”. Now click “OK” to end the bypass
  • In the next step, you have to eject a USB drive and then insert it into the locked computer for rebooting purposes.
  • For setting the Windows 10 computer to boot from the USB drive, you have to press the “Esc” key continually so you can enter the BIOS bypass
  • Now move the cursor to the “Boot” and look for the USB flash drive option to have to set is the first boot order.
  • Once the USB booting of Windows 10 has been completed, the inGeeker program gets loaded into a locked computer and will display the entire account’s name. Now choose the option which you want to reset the password. After it clicks the option “Reset Password” or chooses the “Reboot” buttons to end the whole Windows 10

This is how your bypass system will once again restart and won’t ask for the reset password inquiry once it is turned on.

Method 3: Bypass Windows 10 Administrator Password in the Safe Mode

If you have forgotten the windows 10 administrator password, you do have the choice where you can easily reset the Windows admin password. This can be done quickly by executing your sethc.exe command in safe mode. There is no need to use a USB. Within the whole reset Windows 10 process, you have to overwrite cmd.exe with the sethc.exe. This will enable the command prompt bypass window to open up.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to reset the administrator password in the safe mode:

  • Visit the login interface of Windows 10 and get your Windows 10 PC restarted all over again. It probably asks for many attempts to restart the system until you did not see a line text which has appeared under the Windows 10
  • As soon as the reset system processing gets finished, the interface will display. Choose Advanced options –>> Troubleshoot — >> Command Prompt
  • By visiting the Windows 10 command prompt, you have to jump into the disk to place the system disk. For instance, if you have stored the system in Drive D, you should type the command “dir:” Now enter the dir command to ensure whether it is a system disk.
  • In the next step, you have to enter the “cd Windows \ System32” command so you can directly jump into the [System Disk]: \ Windows \ System32 directory.
  • Restart the Windows 10 PC again and wait for the message where the Windows ask you to enter the regular login interface. Keep on pressing the Shift key five times for opening the command prompt window.
  • Now enter the “net user” command to get a list of all account names. [Net user name] [Space] [New password] is the command which you can use to modify the password of your existing account.
  • Now enter the bypass command of “net user” so you can check all account names.

This is how your bypass password will be successfully reset or changed. Now you can restart your PC with your newly set-up password.

Method 4: Bypass Windows 10 Admin Password with the Reset Disk

The 4th method to bypass the Windows 10 password is with the reset disk! This is a great feature that has been built in Windows 10 and the rest of the Windows editions. You have to make a new password reset disk with the help of a removable storage medium. But here, we would like to mention that you can use the password reset disk for your PC’s local accounts. It is not suitable for the Windows 10 Microsoft accounts. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you had created the reset disk before forgetting your password.

You can follow the below steps for resetting the administrator password with the reset disk:

  • First of all, restart the PC and enter the login screenshot.
  • Please enter the password randomly where it says password After it, a link to reset the password will appear. Click on the link to open Password Reset wizard.
  • Now you have to insert the pre-created USB password reset disk. According to the prompt, click Next, and it will select the current USB flash drive.
  • In the next step, you have to enter your new password. It will automatically overwrite the new password and then click OK to end the wizard. After it, you have to reboot or bypass your pc and login with the new password.

Method 5: Bypass Administrator Password Windows 10 with the Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is known as a combined disc image file. With the help of this image file, you can boot the Windows 10 system hardware analysis, maintenance, and detection. It is also available with the Windows 10 open source and some free software utilities. You can eventually use it to repair the hard drive or repair your system, including bypass the windows ten administrator password.

You can follow the below steps to bypass the administrator password with the ultimate boot Windows 10 CD:

  • The first thing which you have to do is download the ISO image file of Ultimate Boot CD. This will help you to create a bootable disc. Now you have to look for the Windows 10 freeware with which you can burn a DVD/CD with the booting information.
  • Once you have made the bootable CD, you have to insert it into the locked Windows 10 Now set up Windows 10 from the DVD / CD in the BIOS.
  • Ultimate Boot CD is available to boot with various features. For resetting the windows 10 administrator password, choose the option “Parted Magic” and then press Enter.
  • Press 1 option for loading the bypass default graphical interface. After it, you have to press Enter to successfully bypass or running the UBCD program and setting the password.
  • Now type the command “System Tools”> “Change Windows Password.”
  • Once the pop-up Windows 10 will appear, choose the installation’s bypass location in your Windows 10 operating system.
  • Visit the main Windows 10 console menu and click one, after which you will display the user accounts and password you have created on your PC.
  • Press number 1 once again for removing the entire password on your PC. Now press enter to once again save the bypass
  • At last, press “Q” to end the Windows 10 console and then click “Y.”

SAM is the primary file in Windows 10, which is responsible for managing and saving all your account names and your bypass passwords. In case, if you have lost your administrator password, you just have to modify or reset the SAM password. You can made itpossible by using the Windows administrator password reset tools.

It is not essential to use the Microsoft PE toolbox because you can successfully reset the administrator password with the help of SAM as well. But SAM can just save and store the system’s local account and password. If Windows 10 is logged into the Microsoft account, it will be completely useless. Plus, it is illegal.

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