How to Charge Laptop in Car

When you’re out on the road with your laptop, the biggest concern that pops up in your head is what you’re going to do if your laptop’s battery dies. This is something almost all the users are concerned about but it is a problem around which you can work your way. This is because if you’re on a journey where you need your laptop to work at all times then you need it charged as well.

But since you are on a long journey then you are probably making that journey in your vehicle as well. This is why we are going to tell you how you can make use of your vehicle and charge your laptop. Charging your laptop in your car isn’t difficult but it requires you to understand a few technicalities.

Mainly because unlike your home or workplace, a car doesn’t simply have a socket where you can plug in your charger and charge your laptop. This is why these technicalities need to be understood before you can charge a laptop in your car.

Normally, you get to charge your laptop through its charger using an electricity socket which is AC power but the car’s battery supplies DC power which you aren’t able to connect directly in order to charge your laptop. This is because your laptop charger needs AC power.

So you can end up charging your laptop in the car using the normal charger with the help of an inverter which you can use to charge your laptop. Using this method, you can directly charge your laptop by plugging your normal AC charger into the inverter.

Ways to Charge Laptop in Car

There are four ways by which you can charge your laptop in your car. Four devices can be used which are going to help you to charge your laptop and these four devices are:

  • Car inverter device
  • USB Type C cable with laptop car charger
  • Adapter laptop car charger
  • Power bank

Using Car Inverter Device

  • The first thing you need to do for this method is to get a car inverter device which is going to convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC)

  • Next, after you have the car inverter charger, plug the wire cable of an inverter into the charger slot of a car in which you’ll be putting the charger of your smartphone
  • Now you will connect your laptop charger to your laptop. This is going to be the original charger which you use for your laptop at home or work
  • Lastly, you will be inserting the plug of the charger into the Car inverter as an electricity board

After you’ve connected the laptop charger to the laptop and inverter power cable to the charger slot of the car, your laptop is going to start charging immediately. Using the above method, you can easily begin to charge a laptop in your car using a car inverter.

Using Type C Cable

Another important thing which you need to keep charged with you at all times apart from your laptop is your smartphone which is why you probably always keep your phone’s charger with you. If not the charger then it’s pretty common to carry around the charging cable of your phone. That charging cable is what we’ll be using to charge your laptop.

For most phones nowadays, the charging cable is the Type C cable. It is also important to know whether your laptop contains a Type C port or not. If not then you can get a normal USB cable because that is something all laptops have. Here is how you can charge your laptop using a Type C cable:

  • For the first step, make sure you purchase the Type C laptop car charger after which you’ll be able to connect it through a type C cable. This kind of charger is very cheap and you can find it in almost any tech store

  • Next you will need to have a USB Type C cable which is also very cheap. So get it for yourself if you don’t have it

  • Thirdly, having both a car charger and cable, you will plug in the USB Type C laptop car charger into the charging port of the charger
  • Once you’ve connected one end to the charger, the other end is going to go into your laptop

Voila! That is how you are going to charge your laptop using a Type C cable and a car charger. It really is that easy. Of course, since your laptop isn’t being charged using its usual charger that is why this charging method is going to take quite some time to fully charge your laptop.

Another thing to know about this method is that you don’t have to make any changes to your laptop because as soon as you connect the cable to your laptop, your laptop will begin charging. Every built-in laptop supports Type C charging which is why we mentioned above that for this method your laptop needs to have a Type C charging port. Once you connect the Type C cable, then you’re good to go.

Using Laptop Power Bank

You might have used a power bank to charge your smartphone which is usually used to charge a device without electricity as backup. This power bank has fixed watts as well.

Since these smartphones have a low mAh battery compared to a laptop, therefore they require less wattage or power. Compared to a smartphone, a laptop comes with more power which is why you need a power bank of high wattage in order to charge your laptop.

Your laptop’s battery is going to require at least 40,000 mAh of wattage so that you can charge your laptop using your power bank. If this isn’t the reading that you have on your power bank then it might be difficult to charge your laptop.

Before you buy a power bank specifically for a laptop, make sure to ask the manufacturer whether you can use the power bank for a laptop or not. Another thing you need to confirm is that your laptop should have a Type C port in it as well.

Some things that you need to keep in mind are to purchase a power bank of at least 40,000 watts. There are several stores online from where you can buy it. Furthermore, make sure to keep your power bank charged at all times so that you can use it later whenever you need to.

While you connect your USB Type C to the laptop Type C port and you have a double USB Type C then you can connect to the Type C port. If you have one side with the USB Type C and another Type A then you can also connect it to the Type A port.

Several options of power banks are available which you can use for your laptop so make sure to get the highest wattage reading for your power bank because that is going to benefit you in charging your laptop.

Using an Adapter

The final option which you can use to charge the laptop in your car is by using an adapter which works like an inverter. The major benefit of this method is that other than this single adapter, you do not have to connect any other devices. In this method, we can see that all you need is just a spare cable except the power bank method. For this method, all you need to get for yourself is an adapter.

The first step in this method is to buy an adapter for a laptop car charger. A simple adapter for a laptop car charger is what you need and when you get this adapter then you can use it any time in order to charge your laptop. By this method, you can charge your laptop’s battery using the laptop car charger adapter.

The best thing about using an adapter is that these adapters are super cheap and they do not cost much. You will be able to get an adapter for yourself pretty easily because these adapters are available at almost every tech store.


The four methods told above are going to help you to charge your laptop in your car. If you ask us then the best method by which you can charge your laptop from these four methods is the method which involves the use of a power bank.

This is because you can use the power bank to charge your laptop as well as your smartphone so you’re good to go. As for all the other methods, the devices which you buy are only going to help your laptop connect to your car and no other device can be connected to them.

With the methods that we’ve told above, you can go on and charge your laptop in your car wherever you are on the road!

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