How to Connect Brother Printer to Laptop

Brother printer are one of the best rated printers that are available all over the world. They are used by users all over the world. The printing quality of the brother printer are amazing. Whether you want to print a simple document or any colored diagram, brother printer excels in every department. They are reliable printer and can last for a long time if used properly. Many offices and homes have now shifted to using brother printer as they are easy to use and can be maintained easily. There are different products for different needs whether you need a heavy-duty printer for your office or for your home. Brother printer are available in vast variety. They are easy to operate and you can easily access the brother printer through both wired and wireless connections which are connected to your laptop. However very few people possess the skill of connecting the brother printer to the laptop. If you do not know how to connect the brother printer to a laptop you should definitely learn as you might need to use them in your workplace or at your home. Keep reading this article as we explain in easy words on how to connect brother printer to your laptop or computer

To Go Wireless or Keep It Wired?

The best thing about brother printer is that they support both wireless and wired connections. Whether you want to be old school and keep the printer by your side and connect it through a usb cable or you do not want to see a clutter of wires on your desk and keep the connection wireless. Brother printer allow you to do both of these. If you are in your house and usually have one or two laptops that do the printing work. The wired connection would be the smart choice. As there are a few numbers of computers or laptops which would need access to the printer. So, keeping it wired would be a better choice than keeping it wireless. However, if you want you can go wireless too. The wireless connection would be perfect for an office as there are many laptops that need access to the printer and not every laptop can be connected to the printer so it will be wise to use the wireless connection for the office network. Offices already have their own network so adding a printer to that network would not be a difficult task. It will benefit the office to have a couple of printers added to their network so the printing process is smooth as offices require frequent printing.

How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer and Laptop

If you have recently bought a new brother printer or you work in an office and you want to connect your work laptop with the office brother printer. Whether you want to connect to the printer using a wired connection or go wireless you would need knowledge on how to connect to it. Do not worry we have you covered, here are the instructions on connecting the brother printer to the computer or laptop both using a wired connection or using a wireless connection. You can either go through both of the methods and try the one you like or you can skip and go to the method you are looking for.

Downloading the setup software

The very first step is to download the required driver or software for your brother printer. As the setup software or driver will make it easy for you to connect the brother printer to your laptop or computer. The printer is available to download on the website of Brother Printer. You need to visit the website and download the required setup software. There you have to click on the downloads link, go to the select product group category and choose the printer as your product. After that you will get a link, there you have to select your OS and the language you want your software setup to be in. After this step the downloading will start. Now you have to wait for the setup to complete downloading for you to install the software.


Install the setup software

Once you have downloaded the setup software now it is time to install the software. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the software. The setup will require you to restart the computer, restart the computer and then run the file. Now you need to connect your Brother printer usb a USB cable to the laptop. Plug in the USB cable of the brother printer and connect it to your laptop. It will take a few minutes and the laptop or computer will recognize the printer. Once it has recognized it as a printer you are good to go. You can start printing your documents or anything you need.

Wireless Connection

Setting up the brother printer for laptops or computers wirelessly is a simple job. It uses a wireless connection to connect to the laptop. The network is secured and is accessible only by the authorize printing admin. Once the setup is made the printing process is quickly done. Making a wireless connection requires the PC or laptop to have a wireless card and the printer has one too. New models of brother printer and laptops usually have the wireless card. However, you do need to setup the brother  within a networking by plugging in the network wire once it is online rest more and more nodes can easily access the printer via the wireless connection. Whether you want to connect laptops in your home or in your office.

Wireless connection setup

The first thing is to make sure both the laptop and printer are connected to the same wireless network. Once they are connected to the same wireless network you can go ahead and bring them online. After they are on the same network go to the Brother website and download the required setup software. Once you have downloaded the required software now you have to install it. The installation process is simple, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen and the setup software will be installed. During the installation the setup software will ask you to connect to the network, after connecting to the network it will ask you to name the network. Once you have connected and named the network now you will be asked to locate the printer and connect to the printer. After locating and connecting to the printer your setup process will be completed and your printer will be ready for printing. Now you can wirelessly connect your brother printer to your laptop and enjoy the wireless connection between them.


We hope the guide was elaborate enough to help you setup and install your brother printer software. It is up to you whether you want to connect the brother printer wirelessly to the laptop or use a wired connection to connect your laptop or computer. Connecting both ways work for the brother printers as they are one of the best and reliable printers in the market. The guide contained both ways to setup and install the brother printer to your laptop using both wireless connection and wired connection.

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