How to connect your Mi TV Stick to your Laptop

Mi TV stick is one of the newer technological advancements in the world of entertainment and accessibility. Think of it this way: This tiny device which can be fit easily into the palm of your hand is your portable alternative for a speaker, mic, media entertainment app as well as a browser. The Mi TV stick can be connected to your TV by inserting it into the HDMI port of your TV from where you can access its limitless features by a remote which comes with the device.

The Mi TV stick contains several entertainment apps on it including Netflix, Spotify, Prime Video, Disney plus, YouTube and much more. This portable device can not only be inserted into your TV but any device with an HDMI port including monitors and laptops.

However, let’s face it; sometimes the movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon get monotonous. Or maybe you want to watch a specific movie which you cannot find on any of these apps on the Mi TV stick. Or perhaps you wish to show the pictures and videos on your other devices to a large group of people. How do you share this content present in your laptops or phones on a big screen such as your TV? Well, the Mi TV stick has got you covered!

You can now mirror your laptop screen onto the TV using one of Mi TV stick’s features, making it easier for everyone to view the content. This way, you can cast a downloaded film from your laptop onto your TV or share any other content!

Here are a few things to take are of before connecting your laptop to your Mi TV stick:

  • Make sure that your Mi TV is secured firmly in the HDMI port of your TV
  • Connect your TV and your laptop to the same internet connection to avoid any internet discrepancies.
  • Make sure your laptop is sufficiently charged or that there is a power supply close by in case the laptop runs out of charge while sharing content
  • Make sure that your Mi TV stick remote is working properly and has enough battery power

Now to the main part, follow the steps below to connect your laptop to your Mi TV stick!

How to connect your laptop to Mi TV Stick- Step by step tutorial:

The Mi TV stick comes with a built in chrome cast option which lets you mirror your laptop screen onto your TV. The steps to do so are:

  • Open your laptop and launch Google chrome on your laptop

  • Click the three dots icon on the top right corner of your screen

  • An option called ‘Cast’ will be seen in the options displayed

  • Click on that option which will result in a dialogue box appearing

  • This dialogue box will consist of three options: 1) Cast this, 2) Cast Desktop and 3) Cast file

  • Choose whichever option you need to on the basis of what your requirement is. If you want to share your screen to watch a movie or a video on the internet, then click on the ‘Cast desktop’ option. However if you only want to cast your chrome profile onto your TV then choose ‘Cast this’ option. Lastly, to share only specific files saved on your laptop, click the ‘Cast file’ option.
  • Once you do this, another box appears showing you a preview of what you will be sharing onto your TV screen. Click the button ‘Share’ to confirm casting your laptop screen onto your TV.

It must be noted that you might see a slight delay in the screen movements on your TV as compared to your laptop. This is because this is a wireless connection. If you wish to have a stronger connection, then you can directly connect your laptop with an HDMI cable by inserting it into your laptop’s HDMI port.

Now, let’s assume you wish to utilize one of the entertainment apps available on Mi TV stick, but instead of plugging the stick into your TV, you want to connect it directly to your laptop. How will you do that? Do not worry! Follow this step by step tutorial to connect a Mi TV Stick directly into your laptop.

Here are a few things to take care of before connecting your Mi TV Stick directly to your laptop:

  • You will require a capture card device which will be plugged into your Mi TV Stick, which in turn will be plugged into your laptop.
  • There must be a video capture app downloaded on your laptop on which you wish to connect your Mi TV Stick
  • Your laptop must be connected to the internet
  • You must be near a power source to plug in your Mi TV Stick
  • Make sure your laptop has a fast processor otherwise the results may not be very good

Now, let’s talk about how to connect your Mi TV Stick directly to your laptop. Follow the steps below to do this.

How to connect your Mi TV stick directly to your laptop:

  • Power on your laptop

  • Connect your Mi TV Stick to your capture card device and plug in your capture card device’s USB into your laptop’s USB port
  • Connect your Mi TV Stick to a power supply
  • Now open the video capturing app on your laptop and look for a section called ‘Scenes’

  • There will be a ‘plus’ sign in that area which you must click on to add a scene. You can name your scene as ‘Mi TV Stick’

  • After adding your scene, you must look for a section called ‘sources’

  • Here you will see a ‘plus’ sign which will let you choose what feature of your Mi TV Stick you want to see on your laptop

  • Click on the option ‘Video Capturing’

  • A dialogue box will open up requiring you to choose which part of your laptop connected to a device you want to display on your laptop screen. Choose the USB option as this is where your MI TV Stick is inserted into your laptop. After this, hit the ‘Okay’ button

  • You will now see the homepage of Mi TV Stick appearing on your laptop screen

  • Now you must enable sound as well. To do this, go back to the video capturing app on your laptop and in ‘Sources’ add another source for audio

  • Repeat the same procedure for selecting the USB port as the device you want to capture audio from and click ‘Okay’

  • You will now be able to see the homepage of Mi TV Stick as well as listen to the audio of any app you use from it


The Mi TV Stick comes with innovative and user-friendly options to connect multiple devices to each other for the purpose of work, entertainment and much more! So if you ever want to share content from your laptop onto your TV using a Mi TV Stick, such as sharing a video or a photo saved onto your laptop, follow the steps given above to get the best out of this very useful ‘Chrome cast’ feature available on Mi TV Stick. Similarly, if you want to utilize the Mi TV Stick features directly on your laptop, such as using Netflix or Disney Plus, without connecting it to your TV, you can follow the steps above to meet your requirements.

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