How To Decorate Laptop

When it comes to personalizing items, we’re experts at adding our own unique touches. We just love adding our own creative touch to the things we buy, whether it’s the smallest details in our room or the larger decorative pieces in our house, our clothes or our accessories. Just because we can’t make something ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t add our own personal touch to it! Even the most expensive pieces of technology, such as laptops, have been known to undergo DIY makeovers.

You must decorate a laptop if you truly want to make it your own. And that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing today: how to safely decorate your laptop so that it becomes unique and reflects your personality.

If you are tired of looking at the same old laptop with the same old design that is exactly the same as the other laptop, because let’s be honest- in the race to become more modern, laptops have become incredibly simple looking. So why not get funky with it?

The thing with decorating laptops is, while there are many ways to do so- You also want to be sure that you are being safe while doing your DIY projects!

In order to make this a safe and fun activity, we have compiled a list of steps to take in order to make it safer and easier for you:

  • First and foremost, you must consider how many decals are appropriate for your laptop screen. Place these decals in a location on your laptop where you can easily remove them without scratching the screen.
  • Second, before applying decals, turn off your laptop and carefully remove the socket.
  • Third, thoroughly clean your laptop, removing even the tiniest particles from the back. Clean the screen and laptop head with a slightly damp cloth, then dry thoroughly with a dry towel.
  • Cover external parts of your laptop with newspaper or a piece of cloth while designing to protect them from the paint.
  • Wear a mask and gloves if you are allergic to the paint.

Decals Can Be Used To Decorate Your Laptop

To decorate your laptop keyboard, there are many fancy textured and washi tapes available on the market. Cut the decorative tapes down to size and place them on the keys of your laptop keyboard. Glitter tapes, letter tapes, and other enhancement tools can also be used.

Back covers for laptops are available to purchase. There are several colorful or fancy covers on the market that are worth purchasing and will instantly improve the appearance of your old laptop.

These are some ways to decorate your laptop but let’s go into further details.

Aside from that, you can use vinyl stickers to create your own design on the back cover.

Paint Can Be Used To Decorate Your Laptop

If you are an artist, you might be thinking- Hey, I will just decorate my laptop by painting it! However, do not rush into it so fast. There are some things you might need to think through first.

While you could certainly paint your laptop chassis directly with acrylic and/or spray paints, we recommend taking a different approach in case things don’t go as planned (or you want to change designs).

First, get a small transparent laptop case that fits your laptop’s size (affiliate link). These are typically silicone-based and can be painted over. You can simply remove the case if something goes wrong or you become bored with the design.

You can now paint right on the case. Only those with an artistic sense should attempt this; otherwise, the results will be disastrous. However, if you are skilled at this, you can create a truly unique design. You can find a variety of painting designs on the internet or make your own using your imagination.

Allow for several hours of drying time after you’ve finished designing on your laptop. To make it shiny and fancy, you can also use prier or glitter.

If you don’t know how to paint, use paint spray, which is simple to hold and apply. But make sure to check your surroundings and the fact that these spray paints are very hard to get rid of!

You can also get some painting stencils which allow you to just hold the stencil over the cover and simply paint over it. Once you are done, take out the stencil and voila! You have the perfect design right there.

Laptop Skins

Getting a laptop skin is the way to go if you don’t want to worry about mixing and matching different stickers on your laptop. These laptop skins come in handy for people who just want a simple solution to decorating their laptops without worrying.

These are the quickest way to decorate your laptop: simply choose one that is the same size as your laptop and stick it to the entire frame. It’s as simple as cake – just make sure you apply it slowly enough to avoid leaving any air bubbles under the decal.

If you are a fan of some show, movie, or a special character, you can get custom made laptop skins just to your liking. Hundreds of laptop skins are available for purchase online, which is a good thing because everyone has their own preferences.

Getting Stickers

Choosing various stickers is the way to go if you really want to make your own design or if you like various things that you’d like featured on your laptop.

Stickers are a great way to get your laptop all spruced up without having to commit to a larger picture. Stickers can be chosen and bought online as well.

These come in a variety of sizes and designs, ranging from very small to quite large. Stickers for everything from video games to anime and movies, plants and animals, as well as all kinds of messages and everything in between are available.

Stickers have the advantage of being able to be placed not only on the back of the laptop, but also around the keyboard and on the sides of the touchpad. Here, you have an almost limitless number of options to choose from – just pick and choose your favorites!

Why Not Use Washi Tape?

If you are not a fan of pictures on your laptop, maybe stickers and skins are not for you. But washi tapes are a great alternative to design your laptop to your liking!

Washi Tapes are little decorative tapes that just need to be applied. You can choose from a lot of designs available on the market. These can be glittery, plain, or even have shapes and designs on them!

While I am not a huge fan of using Washi Tapes to decorate a laptop, you could still come up with some pretty cool results if you give it a shot. Those who enjoy the traditional designs of Washi Tapes will certainly love to decorate their laptops through this method.

Washi Tapes can be used to decorate the area around the screen (if there is enough room, as some laptops have a very thin bezel) as well as the keyboard area, just like stickers.

Yes! You can decorate even your laptop’s keys using washi tapes by cutting out small squares the size of your keys and placing them on there! These add personality to your laptop and looks super chic.

Add Some Bling Using Rhinestones

Rhinestones are easily available anywhere. This might be your forte if you are an artist or a crafty person! Rhinestones are easily the most fun way to bling up any and all your accessories and devices, including laptops!

  • Cover your laptop in rhinestones, either partially or completely.
  • You can also make your own design by mixing and matching colors. This is a great decor idea for teenagers.
  • You can even put some rhinestones around your laptop’s logo on the back.

Rhinestones have a cool texture in addition to a beautiful gleam and personalized designs. Choose your favorite color and shape for your rhinestones and let your creativity run wild.

As you’ve seen today, decorating your computer with a few accessories is simple. Choose the topic that piques your interest the most. Alternatively, choose a picture or pattern that you recognize to add some color to your laptop.


Laptops nowadays come in sleek and modern designs, so when you are a creative and fun person who would like to add just a bit more personality to their laptops- these tips might come in handy.

Just make sure you are heeding to all the precaution tips while doing all of these DIY projects as some things can permanently damage your laptop and you certainly do not want to do that.

Simply make sure all of your ports are sealed off and your laptop screen is unaffected. Also try not to add anything below the laptop as it needs that space to vent.

Now that we have cleared this all up, go wild with your creative designs and let your personality shine on through!

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