How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop

Your MSI laptop is one of your most prized possessions which you have. Upon using a laptop for some time, there are times where your laptop might need refreshing due to so many files being present on it as well as a good amount of workload on it. One way you can refresh your MSI laptop and make it as good as new is by resetting it to its factory settings.

What this means is that you can reset your MSI laptop to its settings when you first bought it. Because after you bought it, you change the settings and preferences of your laptop according to your liking. Which is why when you reset your laptop to its factory settings, your laptop will begin to perform better. One thing you need to know is that upon resetting you can lose all the files in your laptop.

This is why you need to make sure that you backup all your laptop’s important files so that once you reset your laptop, you don’t end up losing them. All your important files can be transferred back to you once you reset your laptop. So today we are going to help you reset your MSI laptop back to its factory settings. Before that, you will need to know some important things. Let us look at them.

An Important Consideration

Whether you would like to factory reset your MSI laptop as a preparation step before you sell it or as part of a troubleshooting process, you will need to back up your data first. This is something which we stressed upon in the first section as well. You can do it using the external hard drive or Cloud Storage. The two options that you have are Google Drive and Dropbox with the former offering more free space.Read more about best 2 in 1 laptops under 600.

Once you have backed up your files and programs, it is now time to erase the hard drive of your laptop and restore the system to its default factory settings. On the other hand if you’re not simply just troubleshooting your laptop and are preparing to reset it in order to sell it then you will be resetting it the same way as it is done. There will be no difference as such.

MSI Laptop

Factory Reset MSI Laptop

Now that we’ve discussed the specifics, we shall now move on to the steps of factory resetting your MSI laptop. The reason for the resetting of the laptop was told to you in the previous section and in this one we shall be looking at exactly how you can reset your laptop with instructions in the form of steps.

  • The first thing you need to do is connect your MSI laptop to a power source. If your laptop is running then you will need to turn your laptop off and then turn it back on again. This is to make sure that all running processes on your laptop are closed and all the applications that are active are terminated. After switching it off, wait for a few minutes.
  • Once a few minutes have passed by, you can then proceed to turn your laptop back on. Once it boots up and shows you the MSI logo on the screen, press the F3 key to enter the System Restore Interface.
  • A list of options will turn up on your screen at this point after which you will have to opt for the “Troubleshoot” option and then click on the Enter key.
  • After this, you will then select the “Restore MSI factory settings” option which will take you to the menu where you can reset your laptop completely. No specifics will be required to check of any sort because restoring the factory settings of your MSI laptop is going to wipe off everything from your laptop’s hard drive and you will use your laptop from scratch.

So make sure to look out for this option of “Restore MSI factory settings”.

  • The next option you will click on is going to be the “System Partition Recovery” where your system is going to prompt you to erase and format your drive. This is the option that is going to assist you in getting rid of all data on your laptop. As we mentioned before, you will need to make sure that you have all important files of your laptop backed up on another device.

A good tip is to have a USB drive which you can store all your data on because transferring files between another device and the laptop which you’re resetting might be a tedious task. Which is why our personal recommendation would be to get a USB for all your files.

  • Now you will click on the “Yes” in order to proceed with the resetting process.
  • Once the restoration process begins, make sure that your MSI laptop is plugged into the power outlet because for this process, you won’t be shown your battery’s percentage. So to make sure that your laptop’s battery doesn’t deplete during the restoration process, just keep it connected to its charger.
  • Once the reset process has completed, you will then click on “OK” which will be given to continue with the rest of the setup.
  • Finally, select the “Continue” option to exit the MSI factory reset window and reboot your laptop.

By this point, your MSI laptop will have been restored to its original factory settings. You should now check the increase in speed of your laptop to get an overall performance boost after you reset your laptop. Once you do go online, make sure to check for any updates from Windows. Having your laptop’s drivers run smoothly makes sure that the machine continues to run smoother than before.


Now that you’ve reset your MSI laptop, hopefully the laptop is going to perform better. You can also proceed to transfer back the files from your other device or laptop to your MSI laptop.

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