How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

Having a laptop with a fantastic screen is a blessing. If you’ve paid a fortune then you know how important it is to have a good laptop display. However, certain problems might occur which might cause you to have issues with your laptop’s screen. In cases where you drop your laptop or something hits your laptop’s screen, the screen then becomes cracked. A cracked screen isn’t a good sign for you as a user.

Now that the laptop is cracked, what are you going to do to solve this problem? You can’t replace the screen if you don’t have money and getting your screen replaced just might cost equal to what the laptop costs. This is why you should rule out this solution. One thing which you can do is to fix your cracked screen without replacing the screen itself. How is that going to be done you ask?

Well that is what we are here for and we are going to help you replace your laptop’s cracked screen without replacing the screen. This method is going to be pretty economical so make sure to follow the entire process.

Cracked Laptop Screen

Tools You’ll Need

Before we begin the procedure, there are a few tools which you will need to carry out this process so make sure you have all of these available beforehand and you aren’t getting up from your seat to get all of this while you’ve started with the process:

  • Work bench or table
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle
  • Plastic putty blade
  • Bowl for screws

Steps To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen

Now that we have all the tools which we’ll need to fix a cracked laptop screen, we shall now move on to the procedure itself:

  • The first thing you will need to keep in mind is that the laptop must be turned off and if your laptop is charging then you will need to unplug its charger. No amount of power should be passing from the laptop in any way. If you can then it is better to remove the battery of the laptop as well. This is to make sure that the electrical conductivity in your laptop isn’t taking place.

Once you’ve turned it off and have removed all kinds of power sources from your laptop, it is time to move on to the next step.

  • Next, you will take a look at the side bezels of your cracked laptop screen and over there you will find small stickers on each side. If these stickers are not present then you can recognize tiny protrusion on the bottom side of the screen casing. These bezels are the place from where you will be removing the casing of your laptop with extreme care.
  • In the third step, you will be taking a needle or any other sharp object which you have and you will insert it into those stickers or protrusions after which you will remove the covering carefully. After you remove the cover, you will place it separately onto a safe place and remember the top side of the cover. You can also use a marker and make small markings on a single side.
  • Once you remove the sticker, the screws for your display will now be visible to you. You will now use the small screwdriver to remove them one after the other. You will hold the screen from the opposite side to give it some support while you take off the screws.
  • You will be placing the screws in a small bowl or container so that you do not lose them and when you need to close your screen back then you will have all of them in one place.
  • When you remove all of the screws, pull the screen from its plastic bezel and the best way to do this is to use your finger to move around the whole bezel slowly. When you separate the screen from the bezel, you can pull it away cautiously. If the screen doesn’t slide out easily then check to see whether you’ve removed all the screws or not.
  • When you remove the bezel, you will come across a metal casing under it, you will then have to tilt the screen with the goal that the metal casing will need to be removed. The screen of your workstation will come out of its covering and the wires interacting with the screen and other hardware will be easily noticeable.
  • You will then locate the fundamental links. The first one is going to be the video link and the other one is going to be the inverter of the power link. You will then need to evaluate the PC and screen associating with the wire. Here, you will leave the inverter wire for what it’s worth.
  • Once you remove the previous screen, you will then place the new one in place of it and then screw up the entire laptop how it would be screwed. You will then repeat all the procedures by tightening the screws, connecting the wires and then setting the outer casing. Make sure to do it the reverse of how you opened it up. If you don’t remember how you did it then refer to a video.
  • Now you will switch on your laptop to make sure that the display is working properly. You can now check your display with different colors on the screen. This is because the screen needs to work in different display settings, be it working on your laptop, watching something on it, or playing a game for that matter.


The ten steps told above are going to help you fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing the screen itself. Make sure to follow these steps to ensure that you carry out this procedure the correct way. Using these ways you can easily fix the screen of your laptop.

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