How to Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart

Having a laptop that can do everything is a blessing. You can play games on it, watch videos, do work, edit pictures, create videos, and so much more. All of this can be done usually when your laptop is new. It will do all of these things for a good period of time before it begins to show problems. These are different types of problems that might occur in your laptop such as lag, slow response, and low storage.

One major problem however is of overheating. When your laptop is pushed to its maximum potential, it begins to give out a lot of heat from the processes it carries out. When this heat isn’t properly expelled from the system and its surroundings, it causes your laptop to overheat. This is why today we are going to look at the solutions of this overheating problem.

We are going to help you fix the overheating problem faced by your laptop and we are going to help you work your way around it without taking apart your laptop.

Different Ways to Fix Overheating Laptop

Unblock Vents

The first thing that you will need to do in order to prevent your laptop from overheating is to avoid blockage of the vents. There are fans which are located inside your laptop to keep it cool and when the vents of these fans are blocked, air is unable to circulate properly around your laptop. This is going to make your computer overheat.

You will need to make sure here that your laptop’s vents have a lot of unobstructed space around them. This includes the surface on which your laptop rests. For example, if you use your laptop in bed and rest it on a blanket then the blanket is going to prevent hot air from leaving your laptop and it will make your laptop hot.Learn which is the best laptop for roblox.

For best results, use your laptop on a flat surface in order to let hot air escape its system.

Overheating Laptop

Cooling Pad

This is probably the best fix which you can get for your laptop’s heating. Getting a cooling pad is a highly economical solution to treat your laptop which is overheating. The cooling pad simply works as an external fan for your laptop.

The cooling pad is going to connect to your laptop using a USB port. One thing you will need to keep in mind is that although cooling pads keep the outer environment of your laptop cool, they don’t have an impact on the internal hardware of your laptop. But getting one is certainly going to improve the overheating issue that exists.

Don’t Use Heavy Applications

The reason your laptop might be overheating is because you are pushing your laptop to the limit. This is when the applications in your laptop are heavy and they require a lot of processing power to be executed.

If your computer is running programs frequently which require a lot of processing power then its hardware components will be forced to work excessively which is going to cause the laptop to overheat. Make sure to avoid using the applications which make your laptop perform this way. For alternatives, search for applications on the web which you can use instead of these applications.

Cleaning Computer’s Fans and Vents

If a lot of dust and debris is present in the vents of your computer then that can also block airflow and contribute to your fans and vents overheating. It is easy to clean dust and debris from the vents of your computer if you have the right tools at your disposal. Several people tend to use cotton swabs to get rid of dirt out of small areas in their laptops.

You also have canned air which is sold by many stores that can help you get rid of dust from the internal parts of your laptop. Cleaning your laptop is important to make sure you get good performance from it. A laptop which isn’t cleaned frequently will show problems with the biggest of them all being overheating.

Change Computer’s Settings

Depending on the type of computer you have, you might be able to change the settings of your computer so that it doesn’t overheat as quickly as it is expected to. You can carry out some research on the model of your laptop which you’re using as well as the best kind of settings for it. Once you adjust these settings, it is going to help reduce the pressure on the internal components of your computer.

You will also manage to cut down on your laptop’s overheating by this way which is why it is a good method for you to opt. Once you do change the settings of your computer, your laptop will immediately be used to the settings which is why there won’t be any issue for your laptop to adjust to the new settings. A few clicks and your laptop shall be good to go.

Shut Down Your Laptop

The easiest way to cut down on your laptop’s overheating problem without taking it apart is to shut it off completely for a few hours. Just like humans, a machine needs to rest as well. This is why shutting down your laptop is the best solution to make sure your laptop gets its desired rest. Once you shut down your computer, the heating will eventually come to a stop as the laptop stops functioning.

Once you restart your laptop after a few hours, your laptop is going to work just fine without any issues or heating problems. Make sure your laptop exerts less effort as it is restarted because if you put the same amount of burden on your laptop then it is going to overheat again.


The following six methods told above are certainly going to help you fix your laptop from overheating without you having to open or remove any components from your laptop.

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