How to Play PS3 on Laptop

The PS3 might not be the best console in the PlayStation lineup but it is still one of the best consoles that have been sold. The whopping number of PS3s that have been sold over the years are a reflection of the fact that even to this day, so many people prefer playing games on their PS3. Another reason this is so is because of PS3s incredible game library which draws players towards it.

Even after PS4 and PS5 being released, there are a large number of players still playing games on their PS3 and until backward compatibility isn’t fully introduced for the PS3, then we don’t think a lot of players will call it quits on the PS3. With that being said, these players also have high-end laptops on which they prefer games could be played. So is there a way to connect your laptop to your PS3?

We are speaking in the context of making your laptop as your console’s display. So is that something that can be done in today’s day? We are here to tell you that yes! You can do it and you are going to enjoy this a lot.

Reason for Doing So

There are two major reasons why you would want to connect your PS3 to your laptop. These reasons are that your PS3 can manage to link up with your computer using a wireless connection and you can then manage to access your computer’s hard drive making the gallery and videos accessible. You can also manage to connect to the laptop using the laptop as a display in order to play games.

Our focus will be on the latter today as we look to use the laptop as a display for our PS3. It is quite common for laptops to be used primarily as displays because many consoles do not connect to TVs that are outdated. Since many people in today’s day prefer using a laptop rather than a PC, it makes complete sense why one would want to use their console on a laptop rather than on a monitor or TV.

But we shall be looking into both these methods so sit back and keep reading through the guide to know how you can connect your laptop to your PS3.

File Sharing

The first method where you will connect your laptop to your PS3 will be for file sharing and you can manage to do this using the steps given below:

Step 1

The first step is to go into settings of your PS3 and then scroll down to the Network Settings. Go into your Internet Connection Settings and then select your Wireless Router from the list of connections that are available. If the router has security of some kind then you can input your password as well. The Internet Connection in the Network Settings will say “Enabled” once you are connected to the Internet.

Step 2

The next step is to link your laptop and PS3 together using a router if you have it. You will be able to connect both the console and the computer you’re your router using Ethernet cables. Since your PS3 doesn’t have WiFi so using an Ethernet cable is necessary considering the PS3 has 40 GB storage which was quite significant during the time it was released.

Step 3

In the final step for this method, you will connect your devices directly using a USB. Using the single USB-style ports on the PS3 for the game controller is going to be super easy and it will require a USB cable with two slim connector plugs so make sure you have it with you.

Connecting to a Monitor

Step 1

The first step in this entire process will be to purchase an external video capturing card for your laptop and this device will help connect to the computer using the USB port which will have both composite as well as S-video connections.

Step 2

For the second step you will need to connect the capture card to your laptop. You will insert the CD-ROM that comes with it into your disc drive and then install the software which will allow the computer to recognize the card’s drivers and that is going to include a video viewing as well as an editing application.

Step 3

Now you attach the capture card to your PS3 console using the console’s RCA composite cable. You will then open the video application and turn the console on in order to view it in the program’s screen.

Step 4

The final step in this process is to locate and click the “full screen” button of the application in order to enlarge the screen of the game to that of your laptop’s entire display. This is how you can manage to play your PS3 on your laptop while using the laptop as a display.

This is how simple it is to connect your laptop to your PS3 while using your laptop as a display. The first method we mentioned can be done as well as it is going to allow you to share your files back and forth between your laptop and your PS3.


To play games using your laptop as a display, this is the method you will be choosing. This method is going to help you play games on your laptop if you do not have a TV to which your PS3 cannot connect to. The capture card is probably the only important component which you’ll need in order to connect your PS3 to a laptop and apart from that, no major connector of any sort is needed.

Connect your PS3 to your laptop and enjoy a nostalgic lineup of incredible games that are going to send you back down to memory lane! Did you miss your PS3 games or not?

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