How to Re-Upload YouTube Video

YouTube is the second most popular social networking website. It is the best video streaming website in the world. Everyone wants to upload their videos on YouTube and earn from their monetization schemes. However, sometimes users of YouTube might face difficulties while uploading their videos. There are many reasons why YouTube might take your video down such as legal reasons, copyright issues, accidental uploads. You might even take your video down due to a voice and video sync error, or you want to change something in the video, or maybe you did not like the way the video looks and you want to reshoot the video. If you are too facing difficulties on YouTube with your videos, we have a few points written to help you on how to reupload YouTube video.

Instructions on how to re upload YouTube video

As per YouTube policy there is no direct upload technique. This means that whenever you will upload a new video to YouTube, you will have a new URL and a completely new identity for that video. You will not get the old URL or old identity. If you want to delete a video that already has views, shares, and comments hoping you would get them back if you upload it again, sorry to say but that is not possible. If you take down a video you take down its metrics as well. When deleting a video from YouTube you delete all the associated data with it, including the watch time and other statistics which are involved. Now if that is clear we will proceed to the steps required to upload the video on YouTube.

Re uploading the full videos

If you are okay with losing all the data and metrics related to the video you are about to delete and upload a better version, then you can follow these steps to upload the video on YouTube.

Step#1: Deleting the video

The first thing first is that you need to delete the video to reupload it again. Here is how you can delete the video on YouTube:

  • Go to your YouTube studio and log in to your YouTube account

  • Now you need to go to your video library

  • From the video, library select the video or videos you want to delete

  • Move the cursor to the three vertical dots, and click on the More option

  • Now choose delete forever on the video you want to delete

  • You can repeat the process if you want to delete multiple videos

Beware after clicking on the delete forever option YouTube will delete the video from its servers and it will be no longer visible to anyone else on YouTube.

Step#2: Edit the video you want to upload

After deleting the video from YouTube, now you may want to edit the video, add a couple of cool effects or transitions or whatever that was missing in the old video you downloaded. It is advised to keep a copy of the deleted video saved on your laptop or drive as once you delete the video from YouTube its out of their servers and you will not find it anywhere. After you have successfully edited your video and are ready to upload follow the next step.

Step#3: How to upload your video on YouTube video

Here you are at the final step of upload your newly shot and edited video on YouTube. The steps to upload the video are pretty simple, all you need to do is click on upload and choose your video and YouTube will start uploading the video. You can use the same steps to upload multiple videos as well to your YouTube channel.


Editing the video using YouTube video editor

If you do not want to lose the metrics of the video and require minimum edits you can achieve that by editing the video using the YouTube studio videos editor. You need to go to the YouTube studio and from their click your video or if you want to edit multiple videos, select those videos and click on edit video.
The YouTube studio editor has very limited options when it comes to editing the videos. Here are the options:


  • Cropping and trimming videos: You can cut out the unnecessary parts, or the parts you do not want the audience to see. The trimming tool lets you cut out parts from the beginning, the end, even in between the video

  • Adding and removing cards: Card boxes can be added or removed using the YouTube studio tool.

  • Title and description changes: You can easily make changes to the description and the title of your video using the YouTube studio editor.


Deleting a video and then upload them on YouTube is an easy task but it requires determination and willpower as no one wants to lose their followers or subscribers.

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