How to Remove Black Spots on Laptop Screen

If you have a problem regarding your laptop where it shows black spots on the screen then you’ve come to the right place. This is because we’ve prepared an entire guide on this topic where we are going to tell you about black spots on the screen of your laptop, how these black spots show up on your screen and solutions to get rid of them.

All you need to do is read till the end and you’ll get your share of info as to why these black spots occur and what can be done to get rid of them. These aren’t a welcome sight because they cause a lot of hindrance to you while you work on your laptop. Before any further delay, let us get right into the causes of these black spots.

Causes of Black Spots on Laptop Screen

There are a number of things that cause black spots on your laptop’s screen. We are mentioning the reasons below:


The biggest reason which accounts to your laptop screen having black spots on it is the dirt. It might not sound true but in fact, it really is. The black spots on the screen at times are not present inside the screen but they are present on the surface of the laptop which makes them present on the screen. This dirt can be stuck on the screen and manages to form a black dot.

There are a lot of ways for dirt seeping inside your screen as well so you need to be wary of that. The smallest particles of dirt can get inside your screen courtesy of the laptop’s joints. These dust particles collect into the liquid crystals where they form black dots. Although it is quite harmless as well as tricky at times, black dots tend to settle on the screen as well.

Dead Pixels

Since your LCD is made up of thousands of pixels in a single moment, these pixels combine with each other to form different images on the screen. Each pixel gets to change its color according to the image on display in order to give a view in higher definition.

This phenomenon is what is known as a dead pixel that can stop changing its color or lighting at any point. The dead pixel is something which manages to cause a black spot on the screen of your laptop and a dead pixel doesn’t just go away. It lists up and remains black. It doesn’t change its color nor does it have any sort of light inside of it. So these dead pixels are going to be around for a while.

Unless you have the solution to solve this problem. The next section is where this shall be discussed further.

Frozen Pixel

Another issue which could arise on the screen of your laptop is your pixels becoming stuck or frozen. Frozen pixels are identified by their inability to change color but managing to remain well lit. The pixel isn’t pitch black in any sort but does have a light in it. The only problem that we have here is that no color change takes place and that shows a flickering black dot on the screen.

This flickering black dot is quite annoying to say the least. A dead and a stuck pixel are two different things. This is because being stationary at a similar point does not make them similar. To counter this problem as well, we shall be taking a look at the solutions in the next section.

Solution for the Black Spot Issue

We’ve discussed the likely problems that could cause your laptop’s screen to have black spots. But with problems around us there are also some apparent solutions that are thrown into the circle. Here are the solutions that we’ve managed to find for this black spot problem.

Pressure Cleaner

The first option that came into our minds was the pressure cleaner. If there is dirt present on your screen then this is probably the best solution out of all of them. You cannot and should not use a glint cleaner on your laptop because that will end up damaging your screen permanently.

Having a black dot on your screen can be quite annoying, no? Which is why the pressure method exists! It is a way to get rid of the dark spots on your laptop’s screen. It doesn’t matter if it is dirt or even a frozen pixel, both of these problems can be gotten rid of using a pressure cleaner. All you will need is a spray and a cleaning solution that won’t harm your laptop’s screen.

Pixel Fixer

Another option which you can turn towards in order to fix the black spot problem on your screen is the pixel fixer option. This is probably the easiest solution on this list because it doesn’t have you moving out of your seat to get any additional materials. The pixel fixer program assists you to fix all your frozen pixels on the screen and make sure your laptop’s screen turns back to normal.

If you have doubts that the black spot on your screen is due to frozen or dead pixels then you can proceed to check that issue with this program.

This application manages to activate all the pixels on your screen slowly and makes these pixels flicker. Finally, the app manages to pick out the dead pixel on the screen and after a few strikes, makes this pixel work normally again. So, when using this method you will need to be patient because without being patient, this problem won’t be going away anytime soon.

The reason we mentioned patience is because this problem can take about 30 minutes to as long as an hour for the smallest of black spots. If the spots on the laptop’s screen are big then it will take even more time. It is preferable to leave your laptop running overnight if you have large black spots on your screen and you are willing to get rid of them.

Screen Repair

The final solution for you if you have a black screen on your laptop is to get your screen repaired. You will only turn to this option when all else has failed because you will need to hand over your laptop to the repair center of the manufacturer. Don’t forget to try all the solutions we mentioned earlier because at least you can say that you tried to fix the problem yourself but unfortunately to no avail.

This option will also be helpful in the sense that a service center technician might know your laptop better inside out, which is why giving it to them is a sensible option compared to opening up your laptop by yourself.

Nobody likes black spots on their laptop screen because it decreases your productivity. Another good thing which will come out of this if you give your laptop to be fixed to an expert is that they’ll tell you how to avoid making the same mistake again. This will be to prevent the black spots on your screen because once your laptop gets fixed then you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake again.

Get your laptop fixed for it to stop having black spots. Beware, just don’t get a screwdriver and start fixing it yourself! This isn’t recommended at all!


There are several reasons by which you can get black spots on your screen and these black spots can be a menace for you while you use your laptop. Thankfully, we’ve mentioned a number of solutions that are going to assist you in getting rid of these black spots. As for the causes, they are to give you knowledge of how these black spots can show up and what things you should avoid if you want a clear laptop screen!

Make sure to avoid actions which might cause a black spot on your laptop’s screen. If the spot does turn up then hopefully following the solutions mentioned will do you some good. Get rid of the ugly black spot on your screen and use your laptop with the highest productivity levels for yourself. Nothing should come between you and your work, most of all a black spot!

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