How to Set Default Printer in Windows 10?

Windows 10 operates only one printer at a time. You can select the default printer according to your need whenever you want to print. It set your printer according to your current location. Yet you can also set your preferable printer as a default, so you do not have to reset it, again and again, resolving the location problem also. You can change the default printer anytime you want from settings.You can easily use printers to print checks

You can use different methods to set the default printer. Some of the mediocre and easy solutions to set the default printer in this window can be: To let your windows manage the default printer automatically. If you do not want to do so, set a default printer yourself from your device settings. For this, open the control panel, and by using a command prompt, set the preferable printer.Learn What is a Monochrome Printer?

Detailed procedure to set your printer as a default on the device

When you allow your windows to set my default printer option, the windows will mark the most recently used printer at your current location as your default printer. To turn on this option, go to the Settings and click on the option printers and scanners. You have to select the option of managing my default printer on the new pop up screen to allow your windows default printer to let it done.

Set a default printer in settings

Go to Settings and click on the devices option. Select printers and scanner from the left side, uncheck the option of Let windows manage my default printer. Now select the printer you want to set as your default printer. The options will appear there. Click on the manage button. Now, choose the Set as the default option. Your default printer is now set and ready to process.Learn How to Connect Mac To Printer ?

Default Printer in Windows 10

From the control panel, set default printer

Go to the control panel. Click on the Devices and Printers tab. Choose the default printer you want to set, and right-click on it. You can also press on hold on it. A list of options will appear, and you have to select set as default printer. A dialogue box will appear. You have to check either “Let Windows manage my default printer setting” is on or not. The printer of your choice will be set as the default printer now.

By using command prompt, set default printer

Go to a command prompt. At first copy, the wmic printer gets the name, default command, and then paste it in the command prompt. By pressing the enter key, you will forward to tap from where you can choose the printer name of your choice, change it, and set it as default also. Now, type the command wmic printer where name=”printer-name” appears. Here you can reset the default printer in the command prompt. After doing so, press the enter key to complete the process.

You are ready to process your default printer on Windows 10, easing your life with the best of printing services.

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