How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop ?

Do you want to know how to unlock Lenovo laptop? If yes, this is the right place for you to get an idea about how you can easily have your Lenovo laptop locked free without any hassle of moving to the recovery or repairing shops. It might be uneasy for some of the beginners, but we are right here available for you to make this task easy for you.  Let’s get into the discussion below to grab some methods of how to unlock Lenovo laptop!

Top 3 Easy Methods on How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop

Now without wasting any time, let’s move to the few basic password reset methods with which you can learn about how you can unlock the Lenovo laptop password easily as a beginner. We have a few recovery methods compiled for you below, so let’s have a look:

Method no 1: How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop by using Laptop Password Reset Disk?

The first method on our list is about using the laptop password reset disk, which has always remained one of the best methods for locked free the laptop password. This is among simple recovery methods and even stand best for beginners to try right now. Windows Operating System for password reset is readily available with the recovery function which is “Create a password reset disk”. It is available on every model of laptop.

Through the use of this disk function, you can create the laptop password reset disk very easily. In case you have created the unlock of your password reset disk just before you forget the Lenovo laptop as in password reset, you are free to use this disk method for locked free your laptop. To follow this unlock approach, you have to fulfill the below-mentioned recovery steps one by step:

  1. First of all, you have to enter the laptop password which you remember into the disk system. As you did not remember your password already, then it is evident that it will display the error of an incorrect password. The recovery error will appear as “password is incorrect”. Now click the “OK” option to proceed ahead for password reset.
  2. Now you have to insert your reset disk into the Lenovo laptop.
  3. Once the disk has been inserted, you will click the “reset password” option.
  4. Now you have to select the new laptop password from the new disk pop-up window. Make sure you create a strong recovery of password this time.
  5. A window of password reset wizard will appear. Once you have set the unlock of the password, you can click the button “NEXT”.
  6. If you are not able to create a strong laptop password, click on the hint option. It is not important to always keep a strong unlock password, but make sure it should be easy to remember for you.
  7. Once your unlock password is confirmed, click the “finish” option.

This is how you can easily reset the recovery password of your Lenovo laptop with the help of the password reset disk function. Isn’t it easy? Although there are some limitations covered up in this password method, you need to be careful about it! This whole laptop process is quite time-consuming when it comes to unlocking because it will crack the whole system and locked free your laptop.

Lenovo Laptop

Plus, it is also mandatory that you should be preparing the unlock reset disk before you insert it into your laptop. This is how you will be able to use it effectively when your device has been locked. This whole unlock process is 100% useless if your laptop reset disk is not processed for password beforehand.

Method no 2: Unlocking your Password from the Lenovo Laptop by Using Command Prompt

Next on our list, we have the recovery method which is related to the use of command prompt! Yes, you heard it right! You can have your Lenovo password get locked free with the help of a command prompt very easily.

CMD is the abbreviation of the command prompt method. This process is about different password commands used by the Windows system to bring some changes to the laptop system. As soon as you will authorize and add some relevant recovery command in your Lenovo laptop processing system, it becomes easy for you to locked free the Windows password. It might be a little tedious for the users who do not know the password tricks to deal with the laptop commands. To follow this password recovery approach, you have to fulfil the below-mentioned password steps one by step:

  1. First of all, you have to boot the recovery command system and then restart your laptop. Now click the “F8” key to start with the process of advanced boot mode.f8
  2. Select the specific command.  As soon as you see the box of “Advanced Boot Options,” you have to click on the sign of up (↑) or either down (↓) keys. This will help you to choose the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt.”
  3. Now you have to press “Enter”.
  4. Over the main display screen of your Lenovo laptop, you will view the option of “Built-In Administrator”. You have to select it, after which you will be straight logged into the device system without using any recovery password. You can get the default administrator available in all the latest versions of the laptop Windows system. This will enable access to your device without the use of a recovery password. Once it gets enabled, it will start working.
  5. Now you have to reset your unlock password. As you will follow the command prompt, the safe mode will perform the whole process for you. With the command “NET USER”, it becomes easy for you to laptop reset your new unlock the password.

Now how you will know that the locked free process has been completed successfully? Well, once the unlock process has been completed successfully; you will get a message saying, “the command completed successfully.” By seeing the specific command on your Lenovo laptop, you can smoothly log into the Lenovo laptop with the new password. In case you miss activating the default administrator on your laptop, the whole method is a complete fail.

Enabling the built-in administrative command just beforehand is the main limitation of this password process. It will never work if you have not enabled it before starting the password process on your Lenovo laptop. For performing this method, you need to have a basic technical knowledge about the password commands and know how to enable the laptop built-in administrative.

Method no 3: Unlocking your Password from the Lenovo Laptop by Using Windows Laptop Password Reset

The last and most important method is about the resetting of locked free with the help of Windows Password reset. Hence, this software has been working as a password tool to lock the password on your laptop Window system. You will also find it helpful when unlocking the password or even removing the old password ones. This can be domain laptop password or forgotten passwords, as well as laptop Microsoft account passwords.

Plus, you will find this password tool to be compatible with the latest versions of all Windows. Using this method is the best Password Reset approach for you to better deal with the laptop password issue in your Lenovo laptop Window system. Besides, this tool will permit you to delete the old account or create a new Administrative account on Lenovo laptop Windows. It does not require any extra password or even password login details for performing it successfully.

You can easily regain access to your Lenovo laptop using the Windows Password Reset as it requires no password reset or login details. To follow this approach, you have to fulfil the below-mentioned steps one by step:

  1. Download it on any other Lenovo laptop or PC and install it.
  2. In the next step, you have to create the recovery disk. It’s time to launch Windows Password Reset. You have to create the recovery disk with the help of the tool. Make sure you choose a specific disk media type to create a recovery disk to bypass the Lenovo laptop easily.
  3. In the next step, start to boot it. You have to plug the specific recovery disk into your locked Lenovo laptop. Once you have done it, restart the Lenovo laptop again. As soon as the Lenovo logo pops up, you have to press the “F12” key. This will display the window of the boot menu in front of you. You can boot from the option of a USB flash drive.
  4. As the Lenovo laptop software will start, you have to choose a user name. Click the option of “reset” for resetting the new password on your Lenovo laptop. For restarting the Lenovo laptop, click the “reboot” option.
  5. This is how you can log into the Lenovo laptop device without any hassle.

This Lenovo laptop software will help you to easily unlock the Password Reset effectively because it requires fewer times to perform the whole password process. It even makes sure that all your information and data has been in Lenovo laptop safe recovery mode without any hassle of getting lost or misplaced. The whole Password Reset tool is quite a lot easy to use, and you do not need to have any Password Reset technical knowledge of using it. Try it now! Are you ready to get your password back?

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