How to Unlock Touchpad on Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo offers some of the best machines in the market. Their functionality and design is praiseworthy, which is why you need to use all the features which Lenovo has to offer if you are to make use of their laptops properly. One of them being the laptop’s touchpad which you need to unlock if you are to use it.

In this guide today we are going to guide you on how you can unlock the touchpad of Lenovo laptops which is going to help you so much while you’re using your laptop. There are a number of ways which you can do so and we shall be looking at all those ways with which you can unlock your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad.

Of course, none of us are strangers to touchpads which is why we won’t be wasting your time telling you the features of a touchpad. Be sure to read till the end of this guide to know all these methods.

Methods to Unlock Touchpad on Lenovo Laptop

Enabling Touchpad with Keyboard

The first method that we have is enabling the touchpad using the keyboard. Some Lenovo laptops have a shortcut key which disables and enables the trackpad. Here, you will need to look for a key on your Lenovo laptop having an icon which looks like a touchpad. If the computer has this key then it will probably be assigned to one of the function keys in the top row.

Once you locate that key, if it is present on your laptop then you will hold down the function key and at the same time press the F6 key. This method is going to enable your touchpad using your keyboard. In the next method, we move on to the Windows Settings.

Enable Touchpad Using Windows Settings

If the touchpad is locked then you can use an external mouse or TrackPoint where you will go to the Start Menu and then head to settings and the devices. After you’ve reached the area for devices, you will then go on the Touchpad option and make sure that the switch is turned on. You can also access the touchpad settings using only the keyboard.

Now that we’ve discussed the method which will help us enable our keyboard using the Windows Settings, we are now going to move on to the next method which is by using the mouse and the touchpad settings.

Enabling Using Mouse and Touchpad Settings

If the above two solutions didn’t work for you then you need to work with this third method right here. You will need to go to the mouse and touchpad settings of your system. If you are on a Windows 10 laptop then you will need to open up your system settings and seek out “Devices” where you’ll find these settings.

The other thing that you can do is search the word “Mouse” in your device’s search box and then open up “Mouse Properties” or “Mouse touchpad settings”. Here you will see an “Additional mouse optional settings” which you will be clicking on.

After this you will see a new window being popped up with a number of different tabs which could be buttons, pointer, or pointer options.

One thing you will need to keep in mind is that if you’re using a ThinkPad then the last tab will be the “UltraNav” or “ThinkPad” but if you have any other laptop of Lenovo then you will have the “Device Settings” options. This was just to clarify the difference between the two laptop series’.

If you’re working on a ThinkPad then click on the “ThinkPad” tab and you’ll be able to see the “Enable Touchpad” button. Once you uncheck it then you’re done.

Whereas you can also try the “Settings” button where a new menu is going to appear and you’ll see a drop-down list. You can open and select it where you can “Use TrackPoint Only”.

If you’re not using a ThinkPad then you just need to go to the Device Settings where you will find two buttons, the “Enable” and “Disable” buttons from which you will only need to press the Enable button in order to unlock the touchpad of your laptop.

From BIOS Setup

Moving on to the fourth solution, we have the method of enabling your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad using the BIOS Setup. Although this method is quite intricate, before carrying out this method you might want to check with the user guide of your machine to do it better.

  • Shut down your system and then turn it back on
  • Next, press the F1 key on your system as the ThinkPad logo appears on your screen. You will then need to press the Enter key continuously because it’s the key you’re required to press if you want to enter the BIOS Setup of your laptop

  • In the third step, seek our “configuration”, open it in order to get into the “Keyboard and Mouse” option.

  • Then Go into the option of “Touchpad/Trackpad”. Here you will see the Enable/Disable toggle button from where you will switch to your intended side and then enable it

  • Once you’re done, you’ll press the F10 to save your settings and then exit the menu

  • Press “Enter” and then you’ll be asked to “Save configuration changes” to which you will click “Yes”.

Now that we’ve told you the methods to enable your Lenovo laptop’s touchpad, there could be a problem with your laptop if you still haven’t managed to enable the touchpad. What are those problems? No need to look anywhere else as we are going to discuss the list of problems that most users face and there’s a good chance you might also be facing the same problem. Keep reading to know them.

Why Your Touchpad Might Not Be Working

Disabled Trackpad

Of course, the methods we’ve told you above, this problem might be the one that gets you to go towards these solutions. Your trackpad might well be disabled when you lay your hands on your Lenovo laptop. This is why you will need to enable your touchpad manually in order to make it work. What have we mentioned the solutions for above? Don’t panic and just follow the methods above and you’ll be good!

We would definitely recommend you to keep your touchpad on from now on because it is something you use all the time.

Conflicts with External Device

With several devices connected on your computer, you could have a clash between all your devices which might be causing your trackpad to not work properly. This is quite common with older computers and it doesn’t really matter the brand of the laptop here. Even if it’s a Lenovo laptop or even if it’s not if you have multiple devices connected to your computer then your trackpad might act up at times.

Don’t worry in this case, simply restart your computer and disconnect the devices. Then turn it on and connect them back again and you should be good to go. If the problem persists then you can go the maintenance center to get it checked out.

Outdated or Missing Drivers

Having missing drivers is pretty common. It can happen with any machine. If you don’t have automatic updates turned on then you might face this problem. Or another instance would be you tweaking the settings of your laptop and then deleting or disabling your laptop’s drivers accidentally. It can happen often so don’t worry about it that much.

You can simply go to the manufacturer’s website and then download and install the driver that was missing. You’ll be able to find the driver easily so that won’t be a problem for you. Once you install the driver for your touchpad, it should be working perfectly fine after you restart your computer.

Faulty Hardware

Last but not the least, faulty hardware in your laptop can also contribute to your touchpad not working. This hardware problem could be from the manufacturer. This problem can occur in a number of laptops and if you come across this problem then just let your laptop’s manufacturer know and they will probably replace the laptop if it is still in its warranty tenure.


The touchpad on your Lenovo laptop can be unlocked easily because the methods which we mentioned right at the start of this guide should be enough to be able to help you unlock it. If you aren’t able to do so then the problems which we’ve listed will probably be your way of troubleshooting which problem exists in your touchpad.

If all else fails then simply take your laptop to the nearest service center and hope for the best! Hopefully taking your laptop to the service center is going to solve your problems because we’re out of ideas if it doesn’t!

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