How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox

Xbox is a video gaming device that is created an own by Microsoft company. The brand consists of a console or a controller, Five video games as well as applications and streaming services of games. This Xbox device is very popular in the Gaming community.

Today computers and laptop are becoming more and more versatile. They are used for many different purposes now. One of the uses now of the laptop is if it can be used as a monitor for the Xbox. Usually, the gaming consoles or the controller of the Xbox are connected to the TV or an LCD screen for the display. However, now a days an alternative is used for the connection of Xbox. This alternative is the connection between the Xbox and the screen of the laptop. This method is using the Xbox with the screen of the laptop is very much used in the Gaming community as this is easy and portable and takes less space. 

There can be many reasons why a user wants to play there Xbox games on a laptop screen. Maybe you don’t have a Tv on which you can connect the Xbox or you want to travel with your Xbox. Then you want to hook your Xbox with the laptop.

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind before making a connection between the Xbox and your laptop screen is that you have to check the laptops limitations, different brands of the laptop and various models of the laptop that have many different functions and several variations among them in their display and their connection abilities. You have to make sure that the Xbox, console or the controller of the Xbox and the screen of the laptop all of them are compatible to each other and if you make then connection between the devices it is easy and all the devices can work together.

Steps on How to Use Laptop as a Monitor for Xbox:

There can be many methods and steps through which you can connect your Xbox to the laptop monitor and this will solve the issue of how to use laptop as a monitor for Xbox:

There are two main methods through which you can connect you Xbox the laptop screen.

  • Connect the Xbox to your laptop screen via HDMI input.
  • Stream Xbox one to your laptop with the Xbox app.

These two methods and process are discussed in complete details and explanation below.

Connect the Xbox to your laptop screen via HDMI input.

If you want to connect your Xbox to the display of the laptop then you should have an HDMI input. The HDMI output helps your laptop to transmit the image to an external monitor and in image signal can be transmitted from the outside to the laptop. The HDMI cable allows to transmit and stream high-definition audio and video from the laptop display. Through the HDMI cable you will be able to connect your Xbox easily to the display of laptop.


The new generation consoles and controller such as the ones with Xbox one support a standard type of connection for the connection between the laptop and Xbox. It helps you to transmit the audio and video signals to another device. This connection is provided by the HDMI cables. In case of the output source is connected t the Xbox one console which will in turn will send the information to the HDMI input.

Laptops on the other hand have different type of connection. Therefore, to connect your laptop and Xbox together you need to identify which type of HDMI cable port does it provide. If the HDMI output port only this will mean that you will able to send high audio and video signals from the laptop to your Xbox one and similarly from your Xbox to your Laptop. So, it is very important to find a laptop that supports the HDMI input cable as the Xbox connection will work best with the HDMI input cable support.

 You can follow the steps that are given below in order for you to connect the HDMI cable to your laptop and then you can use the display of the laptop as an Xbox screen.

  • Connect the laptop and the Xbox with the HDMI input.

  • Now go the laptops display settings.

  • Now access the System Settings menu on the Xbox from the main menu.

  • Now configure the display and the resolution settings of the display according to your likes and preferences.

This is one of the ways through whim you can connect you’re the Xbox to the screen of your laptop and use it easily.

Stream Xbox one to your monitor of the laptop with the Xbox app:

The laptops that were made in the past did not have an option for the insertion of HDMI cable and there fore it was impossible for the users to connect there Xbox one and laptop tighter through the HDMI cable. This problem is resolved through the presence of Xbox app.

This is the method that you can use in order for you to connect your Xbox to the screen of the laptop, if you do not have the HDMI cable to connect both of them together is by using the Xbox app. The latest updates on the Windows 10 have a feature through which you can stream games from your Xbox one to your laptop.  This Xbox one applications is compatible for both the windows and the IOS system. This app allows seamless and a convenient way of connecting both the devices to each other more easily and effectively.

This connection between the streaming games of Xbox and the device is done via the network connection through LAN/WLAN.

Although there are some requirements to stream on the Xbox applications. Following are few of the requirements that are needed for you to connect your device and the Xbox one together.

  • You will be needed the Windows 10 on your device in order for you to stream on the Xbox one app.
  • You need to sign in on the Windows 10 with the same game tag as you have signed in on the Xbox app.
  • Your laptop should have at least 1.5 GHz processor.
  • At least 2 GB of RAM should be available in your windows in order for you to stream the Xbox app.
  • The console that you are using and the laptop that you are using both should be connected to the same home network.
  • You should be using preferably a wired internet connection that has 5Ghz frequency in order for you to remove any sort of disturbances while performing this online streaming.

How to start streaming the games on the windows through the Xbox app also needs some steps to be taken. Follow the steps that are given below in order for you to start the streaming on the Xbox app.

  • First of all, you have you need to download and install the Xbox app on the windows. 

  • Now you have to launch the application in order for you to proceed with the other steps.

  • Now you have to enable the game streaming on the Xbox one.
  • This option is found under the Xbox Connections in the Settings of the Xbox one.
  • Now turn on the windows to perform the further steps.

  • Open the Xbox app on the windows.

  • Now select the Connections option on the windows that is present on the left of the bar.

  • The Xbox app will search for the Xbox console on the home network that it is connected to.

  • Now you can select the console that you want to connect your laptop with.

  • The connection between the Xbox and the display of your laptop is now established. 
  • Now click on the Stream option to start the streaming of the Xbox games on the display of the device.

You also need to make an account on the Xbox app for you to save your game data in and then sign back in whenever you need to stream the games of the device again. This feature of Xbox one allows you to have a complete control on the settings of the administrative of the users Xbox live account. This also allows users to join in parties through the PC. This helps the gamers to communicate with other gamers as well and is an easier and more convenient way of connection. The Windows 10 also supports the cross-platform multiplayer for the games that you are playing on the Xbox.

Streaming the media content of the Xbox on the screen of laptop through Kodi:

With the gaming ability of the Xbox, you can also stream media content such as movies, songs, videos etc. from the Xbox to the windows. For this you need to install the Kodi applications on your Xbox. This Kodi app supports all range of media playback options and ability to access network shares from the windows of the PC or any other devices through which the network is connected and the storage devices.

Follow the steps given below in order for you to start this KODI application on the Xbox one.

  • On windows of your device open the Properties by right clicking on the folder. 

  • Now in the Sharing Tab click Share option. 

  • Now in the Kodi on your Xbox, you have to enable the network sharing. For this you have to click on the SMB protocol that is sued by the Windows. 
  • For this first go the settings of the Xbox.
  • Now click on Addons.
  • Then go to My Add on.
  • Then click on the Virtual Filesystems option. 
  • And then select the SMB support option.

  • Now in the plug-in option on the windows click on Enable to enable the plugin.

  • With the SMB option enabled you can now access the network of the Windows from the Settings.
  • Then click on the File Manager menu in the Kodi.

  • From there you can press on Add source.

  • Now in the Add Source option you have to press the Browse option.

  • Now open the Browse for new share.

  • In this browse for new share click on Windows Network.

  • Now a list of networks will open.

  • Find your device name in the list and then select on the network share option.
  • Now click on the Ok button.
  • Now you need to provide the user’s name and password to connect.
  • For this select the Ad network Location option.

  • Sleet the Windows Network (SMB) from the drop down of the Protocol option menu.

  • Now you can selecta location, password and a username.

Once the hare option is added to your Kodi settings you can share various media option by clicking on the sharing network of your laptop. Through this you can easily share different media options such as videos, movies etc. and you can playback from your PC through the Xbox one.

Bottom Line :

now you know how you can connect your Xbox to the windows of your device and play the games from the Xbox to your laptop screen for gaming purposes. You can take full advantage of this feature and it can be used both for gaming and then multimedia capabilities. Using the cable, you can directly connect your device and the Xbox for gaming matters and can easily play games from the Xbox one on the display of the laptop. You can control your Xbox through the screen of your laptop easily. The other option that you can use it using the Xbox app for the connection between the two devices. This option is also used for gaming purposes and you can eastly stream the games the games and play the games on your laptop screen through the Xbox. Before making of the connection between the Xbox the consoler of the Xbox and the display of the device make sure that everything is compatible to each other. Check the limitations of the windows to make sure it is able to handle the connection made between the laptop and the Xbox.

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