Intel UHD graphics 620 vs Nvidia Geforce mx250 2021 Comparison

The Intel UHD graphics 620 vs Nvidia GeForce mx250 are two choices that confuse many people. This means that if you want to purchase a laptop or a computer and it all comes down to the graphics card, then you may be stuck in a tie. However, we have developed this guide to act as a tiebreaker so you can find what is best for you.

Making the right choice when it comes to graphics and video processing cards is essential. This is because a poor quality graphics card will cause you wastage of time, money and ruin your user experience. The graphics and video processor is one of the most vital parts of the system. Whether it may be a personal computer or a laptop. The nature of the gaming card or the graphics card that you need will depend on your usage.

If you have heavy usage, then you will need a much better and stronger card, perhaps with dedicated storage for processing. The RAM matters as well as the quality of the RAM matters. This means the dedicated RAM can be DDR3, DD4 and so on. The capacity, as well as the speed, are of immense importance while selecting the Graphics card.

The ability to use an Ultra High Definition (UHD) card is essential as well. This should lead to smoother processing of rich images and videos, such as those in ultrafast high definition videos and in games. We will be comparing the two graphics cards and investigating the best one from both. If you are interested in finding out which one wins in terms of performance, quality, and life, then please keep reading.

Intel Graphics Cards

Intel has not had a reputation for the best gaming or video processing cards in the past. However, with a 4k compatible card, it has stepped up its game in terms of graphic processing units (GPU)’s and gaming cards. The gamer who wants to try everything in the highest settings may still not like some of the best GPU’s by Intel. This is because their needs are more than regular GPUs.

However, if you are looking for high-speed processing of multimedia without any clogging, then the Intel Graphics card can give you good results. Most of the Intel chips come with built-in graphics. These are much better than some chips. The processors are able to keep your main processor cool and able to run longer. The graphics cards that have more power and are efficient help in keeping the rest of the device cool and thus last for a longer age. This is because there is lesser heat damage. With an Intel Graphics Unit, you will be able to get a high-quality image processing and an ability to view 4k footage and content lag-free.

Intel UHD graphics 620 vs Nvidia Geforce mx250

Nvidia GeForce Cards

As far as the Nvidia GeForce Cards are considered, these are not built into the main processors. These are separate. They have the ability to be used as GPU’s and do not strain the main processing unit. What this means is better performance and sometimes in the consumption of the same level or a little more energy as compared to Intel. Plus, since these are separate components they take more space which can not be seen but some conscious manufacturers will thus resort to other choices. Intel HD and Intel UHD are considered mostly as an option for the office computers and business laptops. If you want to be able to code, render or game with the card, then they may be a little weak.

About the intel UHD graphics 620

The Intel UHD Graphics 620 varies a little from its predecessors. This one is an ultra high definition card. The means that while others before it was able to provide a high definition result and a full high definition result, This one is able to process Ultra High Definition Multimedia with a great deal of ease. This is a graphics processing unit with a base clock speed of 300 MHz and a maximum clock of 1150 MHz.

The speed will be dependent on the model of your CPU. Other hardware on your system plays an important role in the overall performance of this. The Intel UHD Graphics 620 processor is compatible and fully able to support the processing of 4K HDR streaming after the installation of its driver. These are newer cards and will only be found in select Core i7 and Core i8 Series. These are otherwise known as the Kaby Lake, Kaby Lake Refresh, and Coffee Lake chipsets. The main improvement in this one to its older counterparts is that this is an 8th generation GPU and can help in smoother processing a great deal.

This is suitable for low demanding to medium demanding games such as Dirt Rally or Sims 4. This card has a video engine that is able to decode H. 265/HEVC (8b and 10b) and VP9 completely in hardware.

The Intel UHD Graphics 620 is an integrated card and this can be found in some of the top-notch ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processors.



  • Allows smoother processing of the 4k multimedia
  • One of the fastest options from intel
  • Found in some of the top notch ultra low voltage laptops


  • Comes in 7th and 8th generation cores from Intel only
  • Works as a part of the main processor
  • Not suitable for heavy gaming

About the Nvidia GeForce mx250

The Nvidia GeForce MX250 is a dedicated entry-level mobile graphics card. This is suitable for laptops. It comes from a line of Pascal processors. This has an increased clock speed as compared to all previous choices in the class. This chip will come in two different options. This means that there is a lower watt option and a higher watt option. The lower watt option is the 10-watt processor. And the higher watt option is the 25-watt 1D13 device ID processor.

The Nvidia GeForce MX250 allows you to enjoy a low power and reduced performance chip for smaller devices, and a high wattage and a better performance option for larger devices.

The 10 Watts option has a 32% lower clock speed than its 25 watts counterpart. This card comes with a GDDR5 memory interface. Now, this is exciting. This is because some cards still use DDR3 and DDR4 which are quite slow. This card will be able to support the speed of processing that goes up to 3.5 GHz. This can be boosted as a 7 GHz option.

The increased core speed is one of the best features of this card.


  • There are two variations in this option
  • The processor can provide a speed for up to 7 GHz
  • There is a low power option as well as a high performing one
  • You can boost the speed


  • Runs better for lightweight work
  • Not highly recommended for hardcore gaming

Differences between the Intel UHD graphics 620 vs nvidia geforce mx250

The differences between the intel UHD and the Nvidia Geforce mx250 are few really. These are considered as a top-class option for commercial corporate office computers and business laptops. If you want to be able to code, render or game with the card, then they may be the Nvidia Geforce mx250 will be a more fitting choice.

The main issue with Intel is that there is a lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache. Whereas the Nvidia GeForce has a dedicated DDR5 RAM. Furthermore, the UHD Graphics 620 is a common mobile processor found in devices of 15 W TDP which makes it a popular choice and most suited for compact laptops and ultrabooks. Whereas the Nvidia GeForce is a popular choice for the slightly larger devices, although it comes in a 10 W option as well as a 25 W one.

If you like to use a popular brand then Intel can be your choice. However, if you have the slightest of gaming needs then the opposite is better.


When choosing between the Intel UHD graphics 620 vs Nvidia GeForce mx250, it is recommended that you go with Intel UHD for corporate laptops and commercial notebooks. Whereas those who like to play a few lighter games can also play the regular amount of games on the Nvidia processor. Also, it is noteworthy that your experience with these will really depend on the other hardware you pair these with. If you are looking to upgrade only a part of your laptop then you have to be conscious about your compatibility.

Most factory set laptops come with compatible and well-functioning hardware. So, it all comes down to choosing between 4k footage and the ability to boost the speed to the whopping 7 GHz.

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