Is Toshiba a Good Brand for Laptop?

With so many laptop brands present in the current market right now, it might be difficult for you to decide whether you’re going for the right laptop or not. There might be a number of choices for you on the table but you’ll need to look carefully on which brand you’ll be spending your money on.

Your hard-earned money shouldn’t go to waste and that is why we are here with yet another guide on a laptop brand which we think might be a likely choice for you. Today, we are going to talk about Toshiba, a brand that has been discontinued for a couple of years now.

Laptops from Toshiba are still being sold to users which is why we are going to talk about whether this brand is good enough for you to buy its laptops or not. Make sure to read till the end of this guide in order to find out if this brand is worth spending your money on or not.

Discontinuation of Laptops

Perhaps the most important thing which you’ve read in the introduction above is that Toshiba laptops have been discontinued so why would one go on and buy them? The reason people would go on to buy these laptops is because they will be extremely cheap. Having been discontinued, they won’t cost a fortune like other laptops although there will be other problems.

There won’t be any replacement parts available nor any software update on these laptops because of them being outdated. Toshiba stopped producing laptops in August 2020 and sold their stake in the laptop line because they were being rated as the worst laptops in the world for a second year running. And when you’re becoming a regular in something like this then there is definitely something wrong.

The point is that discussing the worth of the brands is quite little now since there aren’t any machines being made by Toshiba but we’ll still discuss it so that the people who are willing to buy these laptops get to have a better idea of whether they should be going for such an investment or not.

Here are the reasons why Toshiba laptops might be considered good on their part:

Pros of Toshiba Laptops

  • Great Variety

Toshiba laptops were something for everyone. The features that came in these laptops served a number of different kinds of users. Having such an extensive range of laptops, the company has tried its utmost best to fulfill the needs of business people, gamers, students, and digital creators.

Toshiba does have Chromebooks in several kinds which are aimed to cater the needs of people who would like to game and watch a lot of stuff on their laptop. You can find a lot of laptops that range from less than a $300 Chromebook to one that costs up to $800 or $900 and even up to $1500. As the price increases, the functionality of the laptops increase as well. Toshiba has a number of laptop lines which includes: Satellite, Tecra, Qosmio, Portege, NetBooks, KiraBook, and Chromebook 2-in-1.

  • Affordability

Another good plus about Toshiba is that the brand has several laptops which are affordable and people who have a low budget when they buy a laptop can also get their hands on one. If you are a user that is low on cash but is also looking for a good laptop to cater your needs, then Toshiba is the way forward.

You can find a number of good options here compared to the likes of HP and Dell. Not only the price but also the performance of Toshiba’s laptops is pretty good considering the price they’re being offered at.

  • Durability

The durability of Toshiba’s laptops is that these products tend to last long. The long we’re talking about here is years. Not only in laptops but in regards to other things as well. The reason we’re only sticking to laptops is because of the relevancy of our subject.

The resistance and resilience that Toshiba offers is second to none. The build is robust and it’s a laptop you can strike on a surface and it’s going to leave a dent over there! That is how strong these laptops are built. No matter how harsh or carefree your attitude is with these laptops, you will still manage to have them with you for a good time. Their longevity is better than most other brands and that is a fact.

Cons of Toshiba Laptops

With so many pros there must also come cons and in terms of cons, they outweigh the pros by a fairly good margin. Here are the cons of having a Toshiba laptop.

  • Preload Trash

A Toshiba laptop comes with a lot of preloaded files on your laptop. The kind of files that are unnecessary and aren’t even required by most users. These files are going to annoy you so much that you’ll want your laptop refreshed immediately after buying it.

It won’t offer you the space and memory you would expect from a brand new machine and these are some things you just can’t compromise on in a laptop. This is why you wouldn’t want to spend 300 or 400 dollars on a piece of tech which doesn’t even give you all the features that are advertised.

  • Bad Design

Toshiba is never your go-to laptop if you are someone who cares a lot for the laptop’s aesthetics, designs, and charm. There are a few laptop brands that are built to show off a look of their own but if you think that Toshiba is that kind of brand then you’re probably mistaken. On the list of aesthetics, Toshiba is right down there at the bottom and with good reason.

The designs aren’t exactly horrible but they’re not good either so there’s that. Besides, apart from this most of Toshiba’s laptops offer bulky builds and even though the brand does have some good laptops overall, their design is what pushes the customer to not spend their money on it. After all, what you see is what you buy and if it doesn’t appeal to your eye, it won’t appeal to your wallet.

  • Average Hardware

The name of the brand isn’t enough and past users of Toshiba can definitely agree with this. Toshiba’s laptops have mediocre hardware which isn’t preferred by many users. When good hardware is the subject in terms of laptops then Toshiba is nowhere near this conversation. If you pay good money then of course you’ll get a good machine but what about those users who can’t spend a fortune on something like this?

Well for people like these, they do not need to look towards Toshiba. Not even for a bit. It is going to be the worst decision that they ever make and we cannot vouch for such a decision. Spending money on a Toshiba laptop thinking its longevity would be enough as a factor is wrong! The hardware is what a computer is made up of and if that isn’t good enough then the longevity won’t matter.

  • No Innovation

In terms of innovation, the brand hasn’t done well over the years. The little tweaks they did make in their laptops over the years haven’t been significant enough to stand out. The only thing that Toshiba managed to do in recent times was introducing 4K in their 2-in-1 laptop series’ and also give these laptops styluses.

This innovation isn’t anything groundbreaking because styluses have been around for ages now and display quality is something that keeps on improving with the advancement of technology so there’s that. Apart from that, Toshiba has shown zero innovation that would make a user say “I need to buy this laptop right now!”

  • Poor Customer Support

They say the customer is always right but at Toshiba, there is no one to tell that the customer is right! That’s right, the customer support department of Toshiba is so poor that you shouldn’t be expecting anything good from them even if you do get their laptop. Even their website isn’t user-friendly either so the first confusion to solve if your laptop shows any problem is how to contact the manufacturer.

To add to that, their customer support on social media platforms isn’t so special either. You can only use tech for a limited period of time and if something goes wrong then you’ll obviously contact the manufacturer. As for Toshiba, you can forget about contacting anyone from the company and just hope your laptop works forever!


As we said, the cons of Toshiba laptops outweigh the pros and that is why Toshiba isn’t a good brand for laptops. There is a reason the company has discontinued production in the personal computer market. With other brands going higher than ever, it’s a good thing Toshiba eventually shut down their PC department or in today’s brutal market they would’ve gone bankrupt had they continued!

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