Samsung Chromebook Pro vs Asus Flip C302 2021 Choose The Best

Chromebooks are modern day 2-in-1 machines that come packed with everything a user can wish to have on a laptop. These highly efficient compact yet powerful laptops are named ‘Chromebooks’ because they run on Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS and provide their users with great size, power, functionality, portability and appealing looks.

As technology has progressed, now we’re able to pack more of the power into smaller spaces, though, the best Chromebooks have the capability of doing everything that most of the heavy and traditional laptops can do.

Samsung Chromebook Pro vs ASUS Flip C302 :

Asus and Samsung, both are two great and trusted names among users from all areas of the world when it comes to launching several laptops and Chromebook models each year. Both, Asus Flip C302CA and the Chromebook Pro are undoubtedly some of the most capable and functional Chromebooks that we’ve ever gotten our hands-on. So deciding on which one is superior is a tough thing to do and in the end, it’s you who could decide what’s best for you in accordance with your personal computing needs and pocket size.

SpecSamsung Chromebook ProASUS Flip C302
Weight2.38 lbs2.65 lbs
ProcessorIntel Core m3 up to 2.2 GHzIntel Core m3 up to 2.2 GH
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 515Intel HD Graphics 515
Display12.3-in LED-backlit IPS 12.5-inch LED-backlit Full HD
Resolution2,400x1,600p 1920x1080p
Storage 32GB eMMC flash64GB eMMC flash
Webcam720p web camHD web cam
Operating SystemChrome OSChrome OS
Price Check Price Check Price

General Specs Comparison :

Keeping the things simple and straight, here’s a comparison table that will give you an idea of major specs difference between two leading Chromebooks and you’ll start off with a clearer vision.

  • Both Chromebooks share the same dimension of size and that’s why look pretty similar to each other.
  • Weights of both Chromebooks are almost similar to the difference of some points that are completely negotiable. Both Chromebooks feel equally lightweight and portable.
  • Both of them are using same Intel Core m3 processors and also have same RAMs and same Graphic processor
  • Both Chromebooks offer LED-Backlit displays, but Samsung Chromebooks’ display has IPS technology and 12.3in screen whereas that of ASUS Flip is Full HD and 12.5inches.
  • Resolutions are also different for almost the same screen sizes. 1920x1080p of ASUS is a regular or normal level resolution whereas Samsung Chromebook’s 2400x1600p resolution is a bonus that gives you even more sharply and clearer picture quality.
  • The storage capacity of a laptop describes how smooth it’ll work even with high-pressure tasks. In this scenario, ASUS wins with a good 64GB eMMC storage and defeats Samsung Chromebook having a 32GB eMMC storage. A high 64GB is functional when you have to run heavy software or applications on your laptop but if your work doesn’t demand higher storage, 32GB is also a fine space that can allow smooth working. Choice and preference are yours.But still if you want extra you can get Best 10tb External Hard Drive
  • Also, if you have to make a lot of business conference or video calls, ASUS will be great as it has an HD Webcam whereas Samsung Chromebook comes with a standard 720p webcam which too, is not too bad but ASUS wins.
  • Furthermore, both Chromebooks feature the same operating system, same battery, the same set of ports and same wireless networking.

So overall, as well as only specs are concerned, both Chromebooks have the same specs with minor differences which are totally negotiable.

General Features Comparison :

Not only Specs, but other features also matter when it comes to deciding a superior one from two Chromebooks which looks replicas to each other.

Let’s have a look at features and find what they both are offering us with;

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Asus Flip C302

Performance and Hardware :

ASUS Flip C302 features a quite efficient 2nd Generation Intel Core m3-6Y30 Processor which is the exact one that also powers Samsung Chromebook Pro. Also both, Pro and Flip are powered by the same Graphics Coprocessor chip and the same 4GB DDR3 RAM. The difference here is, Pro’s RAM is LPDDR3 which is a bit more efficient than simple DDR3 and is also expensive; this is why Pro leans more towards being expensive.

As well as storage is concerned, both have an eMMC flash storage, though Flip has a 64GB to offer whereas Pro has only 32GB. Keeping 32 and 64 GB in mind, it’s easy to say that both these Chromebooks are not going to give you rocket speed but can perform very well and you won’t feel any freezing or slowdowns.

Both of these Chromebooks can be expanded via an external microSD card.

Also, both feature same HD cameras, same basic speakers and same batteries as well. So altogether, it’s hard to distinguish any of these as better than others on the basis of hard and performance.

Pro’s bit more efficient RAM and Flip’s bit more extra storage neutralizes the game between both. So they have the same scores at the end.

Category Leader: Tie

Design and Connectivity :

As both Chromebooks are 2-in-1 laptops and are convertible into tablet or laptop, so need to consider the capabilities of hinge and power port. A loose hinge or a misplaced power port can turn the things upside down for you.

The Pro by Samsung is a great build-up that comes with a magnesium alloy chassis and not only looks great but also feels sturdy. The hinge is 360-degree swivel and sturdy that sticks perfectly at any angle giving you the convenience of use at any angle. Usually, 2-in-1s always have at least one awkward design positioning and in case of Pro, it’s power and volume buttons on the bottom. Although not a big deal still it feels kind of annoying when using it in a tablet mode.

Pro also cuts the edge in keyboard design as there’s simply not enough key travel distance to feel comfortable and the touchpad is also small. To fill up this error, keys come forward as they are firm and responsive, pressing deep into the board.

The Pro also comes with a digitizer Stylus that works quite efficiently with any of the computing need including Android Apps and writing recognition.

The Flip by ASUS also features the same sturdy aluminum design with an effective 360-degree hinge. In fact, its full-size backlit keyboard is superior to the Pro’s keyboard but keys feel a little off and less responsive.

In terms of connectivity, you won’t find any major difference between the two. One minor difference is, Flip includes two USB Type-C ports, while the Pro comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Category Leader: Tie


Samsung Chromebook Pro

Asus Flip C302

Screen and Display :

The display and screen size in both Chromebooks is also almost the same. There are no clear sharp differences that can decide one as superior that others.

The Flip by Asus comes with a handsome 12.5in full HD display that works at standard 1920x1080p resolution. The basic resolution of this machine is 1536x864p but that can be increased up to the previously stated range. Also, colors are sharp with appropriate sharpness and contrast but there’s a problem; glossy screen of Flip reflects too much light.

The Pro by Samsung has a more stylish yet efficient screen to offer with a 12.3-in display which shows a high-quality 2400x1600p resolution. The Pro’s handsome display boosts an amazing blend of bright and deep black colors that create an excellent contrast with a 3:2 aspect ratio so users can feel more natural with Pro even when in tablet mode.

Category Leader: Samsung Chromebook Pro

Operating system or Software

Apparently both Chromebooks are running Chrome OS as their operating systems.

The Pro is probably the very first Chromebook that was designed by keeping Android apps in mind. Pro features unique accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors that are used for tilting and steering during games. Also, the included digitizer pen is extremely helpful for writings.

The Flip also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope and supports Android apps but it does not include a stylus.

Category Leader:  Samsung Chromebook Pro

The Bottom Line and the Winner :

Ultimately, as we have studied deeply, there’s not any visibly heavy difference between these two Chromebooks as both are highly efficient and well-built 2-in-1 laptops that can run almost all computing tasks like a breeze.

Generally, both have similar specifications on the board and work efficiently even when un-plugged as both have the same battery lives due to the same 39W battery. Pro may have little availability issues but other than this, it’s a clear winner of many categories other than those where there’s a tie between both.If you want to play game and stream it online get Best Streaming Headset

If you want a Chromebook at a good price with high-built quality and little added bonus in form of LPDDR3 RAM, high resolution, excellent contrast and included stylus, then Samsung Chromebook Pro is undoubtedly a great deal for you.

According to our review, even when both are the same and there are only minute differences between both, Samsung Chromebook Pro is a winner leading with some points only, otherwise, both are equally capable and efficient.

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