What Is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

If you are a windows user you must be aware of the fact that Microsoft updates its windows every then and now. However, very few people are aware why and how the updates take place in the background. The Windows module installer is the main app behind the windows and its updates. It helps the windows to successfully update without any issues. It enables the automatic installation process. If your computer is bug free it is because of the windows modules installer worker which helps in keep the update process bug free.

Explaining what is windows module installer worker?

You must be curious to know what is windows module installer worker and what does it do. Windows module installer is a windows feature which helps in searching and installing the windows update. This tool is important if you regularly check your windows for the updates. It automatically updates the windows on your pc or on your laptop. Windows module installer worker will be running automatically on your laptop or pc looking for any windows and its update.

Is Windows module installer worker a malware or a virus?

Windows module installer worker is not a malware nor a virus. It is simply a part of your windows which helps in downloading and installing the windows update. You should not be worried about the installer worker, if you think you have encountered a problem and a virus has infected your system you can install and run any antivirus or anti malware to confirm or get rid of your suspicion.

The high amount of cpu load happens when the windows module installer worker is constantly searching the updates. Usually, users tend to shut down their pc at night and by default the system updates are set to be installed in the later hours. When the systems are off during the night, the windows is forced to search for updates when the pc is up and running during the day. This puts a load on the cpu and the installer worker uses a big portion of the cpu to keep your windows updated. There is a time difference when the updates are available on the windows server and when your installer worker can download it. This too puts a huge load on the cpu as the windows is checking for the updates and installing them to keep your pc up to date.

Fixing the Windows module installer worker high CPU resource usage on windows

You might have encountered the windows using most of the CPU resource. Which can result in slowing the computer and taking a big chunk of your CPU. This is a common problem that occurs when the computer is trying to install the update or is searching for the update using your internet connection. As the process takes a big percentage of your cpu you might think the installer worker might be a malware or a virus that is malfunctioning your windows. There a few ways using which you can fix this error on your windows

Method#1: Disabling the windows update

As this tool is running in the background searching for windows and its updates and installing them. The most efficient way to deal with the high cpu usage error in your windows is by simply disabling the future updates of your windows. When you will disable the future updates, you will stop the windows module installer worker from running in the background. This will fix the error of high cpu usage. To disable the windows auto updating feature you need to click and follow these steps:

  • Press the windows key + R on your laptop to open the “Run search”

  • Type services.msc and click on okay

  • When the window opens search for the “windows module installer and click on the screen

  • Click on the windows module installer and instead of automatic or workload select manual from the drop-down menu.

  • After that, click on the windows updating option

  • A new dialogue box will appear, choose the startup type to disabled or manual, whichever option suits you and click on it.

  • Click on the okay button

  • After the click, reboot your pc and you will no longer see windows using the big chunk of cpu and slowing down your

This method has worked for most of the users, if you are still facing a problem, you need to try this other method to fix the error you are facing on your windows

Method#2: Troubleshooting the windows update

If you were unable to disable the windows update using the instructions above, you might need to follow this method to fix the windows module installer worker high cpu usage error on your pc. As this error can slow down your pc. Here are the instructions that can help you fix the high cpu usage error on your pc:

  • Navigate to the settings of your Pc,

  • Then go to the update and security settings and click on it

  • Click on the troubleshooter found in the windows update settings

  • The windows will run the trouble shooting program after you click on it

  • It will detect and fix any known error if they exist after you click okay

This way you can easily fix the high cpu usage on your pc which is caused by the windows module installer.

Method#3: Setting your internet connection as a metered connection.

This is another method to fix the high cpu usage error that occurs when the windows module installer worker is working in the background searching for update for your windows. You can limit the usage of the cpu by making your internet connection a metered connection. Windows updating file cannot be downloaded on a metered connection. This is a quick fix that will let you get rid of the high usage cpu error.

Here is how you can set your internet connection as a metered connection:

  • Click on start and the navigate to the settings, in the settings navigate and click on the network settings

  • You will find the WIFI settings there, in the WIFI settings click on the advanced option

  • In there click on the on button where it says metered connection.

This will make your internet connection a metered connection which will now allow the windows to use your internet to search for the updates of your windows. If it won’t run in the background the windows module installer worker will not use any of your cpu or ram and which will ultimately fix the high cpu usage error which it was causing before.


By now you must be aware of the functions of the windows modules installer worker, that it is not a virus or a malware slowing down your pc, instead it is windows feature that helps you download and install windows and its updates easily. You can always disable the windows auto updating using the above instructions if you feel that the module installer is slowing down your pc. We would recommend disabling it only if it is slowing down your pc, if not you should keep it enabled as it keeps most of your data safe, it helps to download the windows and its updating file and will keep sure to make your windows bug free and easy to use for you on your pc.

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