Why x570 Motherboard is So Expensive

X570 is the first AMD chipset that fully supports PCI-E 4.0. Also, it is built for gamers as well as for the mainstream line.

There is an average rise of prices in motherboards with every new generation that hits the market. The same is the case with the x570 motherboard.

However, there is always a justification behind the price hike. Motherboard act as the PC’s nervous system. It communicates with every component in a PC, therefore, has significant importance in a computer’s performance.

One of the major differences between a high-end and entry-level motherboard is how much hardware can be connected. This is not about the number of USB ports or the number of PCI Express sockets but their speed and generation.X570 motherboard is best for gaming but if you do not have high budget check the list of Top 6 Best Budget X570 Motherboards

PCI-Express sockets are used to connect sound cards, graphic cards, etc. But their speed and compatibility determine the performance of a motherboard. The same is the case with expansion options. How much RAM can the motherboard support and with what speed. Whether it supports the M.2 format of SSDs, just SATA or PCIe NVMe, etc.

Typically, motherboards having more and better connectivity are expensive.Learn Is x570 Motherboard future proof?

The x570 motherboards support PCIe 4.0, doubled bandwidth from 32 GBps to 64 GBps. This requires more power, faster switching, and complicated design, which contributes a lot to making the motherboard expensive.

x570 Motherboard is So Expensive

The expensive motherboards usually have better material used for their manufacturing. Like, ten layer PCB for better stability in terms of insulation and electrical connections. More and better VRM for the RAM and or processor.

All of this indirectly influence performance. Better VRM having motherboards support a higher level of overclocking in memory and processor both. High-end motherboards also maintain better-operating temperatures, impacting the overall performance and longevity of the equipment.Learn What is the Best Motherboard for X570?

The x570 motherboards come with active cooling via a fan. MSI has strengthened its power circuitry with more phases, and this requires more cooling. This also adds one

More layers of cost to the motherboard.

Previously, AMD used ASMedia chipset for its motherboards.  And now, the company has started producing its own silicon for making chipsets—another reason for higher prices.

With the advancement of PC hardware generation, the technology also advances, and the motherboard manufacturers always try to offer the best and largest cast of possible features.  The end result is a more expensive motherboard than the previous one.

Another aspect of the x570 motherboard being expensive could be its high demand. Everyone wants to buy x570 motherboards, alongside the Ryzen 3000 series. High demand always increases the price. Another month or so, the cost of x570 motherboards might drop.

X570 motherboard is totally worth it. It came with all the newly established features you really want to use and installed user base tested for kinks and bugs over time enabled. It is top of the line when it comes to performance and reliability. When you are prepared to use the latest technological advancements, you need to pay for it.

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